♦ - Workshop Unlimited 2.6.5




Aye pilots, upcomming weapon it’s included.

Test it out on https://www.kongregate.com/games/instanceKilliN/sm-workshop-unlimited

Not the final link though, this one is mostly for testing.


body seems unclear


why couldnt they add this kinda stuff to the super mechs we all play now better detail more options


Ese es el entusiasmo Killin, paciencia al progreso Q.Q1


Workshop Unlimited 2.3

Click Here To Test


2 suggestions, not required.
1.) another leg in the slot so it has 2.
2.) an image of what the mech looks like.
again just suggestions


Both ideas are already on my plans, but i’m not sure about the first one.


ah okay. man you think of almost everything do ya?


These are actually the most obvious suggestions, people ask this 2.) an image of what the mech looks like.
to me everytime.


ah, sorry i was busy watching you in YT lol


I want someone to try this


What people use looks more like this…


Rounded one


I want someone to try the Backstabber on that sort of mech, serves almost as night eagle.


Yeah it does. You will miss the resistance drain though.


I don’t think this could work.


I also don’t think, actually i’m sure Lol, it’s the meta.

Nope, people would just your range.

Physicals are more about getting closer.
Heats and Electrics push back.


imagine if you cornered someone though lol
btw link to your discord?