♦ - Workshop Unlimited 2.6.5




No problem bro :smiley:


Aye pilots.

Some been asking why I didn’t updated WU with the new stats yet, it’s because i’m spending all my free time in Workshop Unlimited 3.0, which includes some new features like:

  • Import/Export mech
  • Command prompt
  • Parts Packs Manager
  • Battle Simulator

I’m not giving more information about the new stuff.

If you want to follow the development feel free to join our discord server.


:diamonds: Custom Weapons for Workshop Unlimited

KilliN i think i found a bug in your workshop
When u use brutality the weapons are switched image


It’s not a bug, if you do this in the game the same thing will happen.

It’s due to miss-placed attachment points. (Blame on TS)


Sorry i never use brutality
Thanks for info and sorry for bother ya, Have a good day :slightly_smiling_face:


@KilliN can you update the bigdaddy stats on workshop please?


He’s working on the new version. It’ll be really awesome, but it’s taking a while. You can see his progress on the SM art discord if you want.



mi creacion YOLO


Ohhh, didn’t knew of that, thx :slight_smile:


el mechs de mis sueños


Drop purifier and desert fury, add spartan carnage and night eagle, switch to Void… and that actually just might work. Maybe.


es que en no han actualizado workshop unlimited


May want to bring back legacy stuff, so we’ll finaly be able to “play” legacy again…


With no res and little HP, you’re really dead against any enemy, really.


(Replied to wrong topic)





lightest mech filling every single slot. beat this


oh single element, hang on