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Wait, so it is like a high hp high cap for both heat and energy, but its only bad side is res, This is a good idea though


Yeah, exactly.

Has low weight, High HP, basic Heat Cap but high cooling, High Energy Cap and Regen, but downside is Resistance that barely even protects you.


Edited already

But didn’t updated yet.


You got the Heat and Energy Cap mixed up, Energy has higher stats.

But to be honest I’m fine with the current one, just update Regen and Cooling to 100 and it’s perfect.


Dude i’m getting confused

Tell the stats you want, here, and now


I meant I’m fine with the one that has little to no Resistances.

Just update the Regen and Cooling it has from 98 to exactly 100 and it’s perfection.


Ah, so it is like the stats of godmode, but equivelent to now days, if they added in a -res torso it would prob have like 1600+ hp


Maybe change the War Hammer for a BackBreaker, and then see if you can put a dual TP (unless the TP is to finish almost dead opponents ^^)


That looks decent thb, but i’d make some changes like adding physical resistance, plus this hammer it would be a cool physical counter.

Heat Engine instead of heat storage works too


What a nice colour…




fyi @KilliN the idea of my elephant torso was to my almost, if not, twice the size of windigo


rianma123 Pineapple Spaceship torso is basically Energy Zark, which is good.

Trapscsendant is pretty overpowered with the range, but should be fine…?

Although why did you change Sphinx though? Please change it back to it’s original “Low Resistance” version pls, it was perfect back then.


The thing is that I didn’t changed it.

First I made my own stats, then fixed to your stats (mistaked on heat & energy)

And then you told me to keep the old stats, but I had changed already and was too lazy to change it again, still lazy, maybe next week.



If Tacticsoft is going to add any of these items, I’m your go-to guy with the fan builds.

Also KilliN you added Inferno Runners while forgetting to bring back Sphinx stats lmao


what’s that program ?


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so ?( 20 charaters needed )


sigh…did you even read Killin’s words at the top?..

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