♦ - Workshop Unlimited 2.6.5


@KilliN, I have 1 more request for Sphinx, make both Cooling and Regen exactly 100, and it’s all set. :slight_smile:


Please make this torso Sphinx a reality, this mech is shockingly awesome!



@KilliN Murmur weight is wrong - andernut mistakenly put it down at 45 when it was actually 43.


Already said bt Winz


Still thanks!


Oops, sorry. Also, another bug: Equipping Vandal Rage causes color to glitch out.


Huge thanks for this one.

I’ll check it rn.


Here’s an idea - adding ‘spawns at [legendary, epic, whatever]’ stat to each item.


So stats for all purples and all yellows too?


Nah, its good to only have the stuff that reaches mythical. I mean an indication of whether items are L-M or not, really.


Oh…that’s a good idea…


The only question I have is… Why?

Seems like a lot of unecessary work tbh…


One line = one item
Total = almost 130 items already…

for each item:

So yeah… Better no lmao

Vandal Rage glitch fixed.

it was missing the mask layer.

Murmur stats fixed.


Armor dissolver stats fixed.


Thanks everyone.

Updating the app in the next minutes.


Spot the difference


Energy cost duh

31 vs 10


Yes I can clearly see it.

Most items have 31 Energy consumption / 31 Heat generation, so I forgot the correct stats for it and made 31 too.

I’ll fix later.


My eyes would hurt a lot more than my mech ever would


@killin it was also my idea for the custom colors too, wheres my credit?


I usually only give credits for the first person who gave me the idea, to be sorta incentive.

@W.P.O.T.W Actually talked about it to me first, in our server.


fine don’t give me credit, don’t expect any for stuff i do in instances like that