Working Towards *Mythical Avenger*!


I currently have a legendary Avenger for my second mech and I just created the fifth item that I’ll use to make my Avenger torso mythical.


LOL don’t do it bro. Save yourself!!!

P.S. Worst torso in the game. Just please don’t make it ‘Mystical’ wait for a Zarkares and you’re in business. Don’t waste those yellows bro. Don’t do it. I’m cringing!


It’s good to counter psyh mechs tho


Yes, but NOTHING else.


Are you making an energy-free physical?
Like the Avenger Close Enforcer build?
If not,don’t bother.It ain’t worth.
This is the only build that Avenger is actually useful on.Other than that,any other torsos are better.
Even Sith,look at my physical for example.


I’m not using Kraken as a torso I’m going to use it to get Avenger to mythical. Why would I use Kraken as a torso when I already got a maxed out mythical Zarkares. P.S. Kraken’s don’t go to mthical.


Yea I’m trying to get another anilation.


Okay then!
Close Enforcer Avenger shall it be.

But are you sure about not using Zarkares on a maybe somewhat different and more efficient build?
Zparky gives so many more options.


I’m using Zarkares as a heat torso on my best mech.


I was referring to the Avenger torso dude. Maybe Kraken is even better LOL.

Dump it, it’s garbage.


Kraken is a horrible torso I’m total keeping avenger it’s the best pysical torso.


Whatever bro. Just remember …,you were advised.

FYI: Zarkares is the best EVERYTHING torso. You’ll realize this in R1.


Is it? Well, I’ve only gotten one.
What is r1?


I thought Grim reaper=best electric
Avenger=best physics
Zarkares=best heat


Not necessarily… Naga’s quite good, Zark is amazing on phys as well, and Brutality works for anything.


Have a look in Rank 1 at player setups and replays. Most are using Zark for everything. It has the absolute best all round stats. I’m using it for heat and physical, and my physical can beat almost anything.

My good friend @lordgorgon maxed up an Avenger thinking the same thing. When he realized how crap it was, he fed it to a Zarkares. He is a top physical builder. We are both average top 30 players.

Just advice to save you the pain of making a huge mistake. It’s not easy to myth things in this game, so be careful friend.


Not really.

No way.There’s actually just one single actual build that you can use it for and it’s literally pretty useless…

Actually,Zarkares could be the best EVERYTHING!


Meh…I used it as a physical and an electrician.
I found other (a lot better) alternatives.

But so does Zarkares :wink:



Avenger is a piece of ____.
I was also pretty impatient to use one on my build,after I saw it’s actual stats.
Just a little bit more health that Zarkares,very low energy and the worst heat stats there are on any myth torso.
It doesn’t compensate for the core stats loss.
It’s bad,man…


Naga no good? sad face

I guess I’ll mess around to get better stats then, I have plenty of weight to spare. What do you suggest?

This is what I got right now (pretend modules are epic+). Drone is windforge, I have all utilities. Both my other mechs are close- to mid-range, trying to go for that here as well. I got a Mortal Bullet, a Brightroar and a Big Daddy as well.


While my little Naga was strong,it wasn’t strong enough and would have never stood a chance in rank 5+.
The build is much better using Zarkares,and even Windigo.