Worker Issues in my Colony

See, how do the workers join my colony… do they just randomly appear? Are the citizens of my empire inbred cucks? Does Joe hire a bunch of “maidens” and send them over to reproduce? How does the army work too?! You could have more infantry than people! Surely someone inside the colony would think that’s a problem, and speaking of which, how is the political scene in my colony? Do they have big elections? Is someone going to “make TheLegend27 great again”? I want these answered asap thank you <3

(3am banter, these new forums are great to shitpost)


Greatest post on here by far

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Did you just assume that thelegend27 wanst already great??
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We never explicitly state workers are humans.

Maybe they’re…


I like to think they’re a bunch of Alex clones personally. Then I don’t feel so bad when I kill hundreds of them rushing units and building copious amounts of OPs at once! *cracks whip

^ explain that then Alex!


Maybe those are Humanoid robots lol

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