Work on modules or Work on my 3rd mech?


Should i work on modules or work on my 3rd mech???
What do u think???


I would recommend you max your first 2 mechs before build a third mech .-.


I would recommend you show us your mech lol :joy:


Mods ofc


My meccs and their modules

All weapons r maxed but still…
Looks decent


Definitely Modules first


Hello Hello
I would max and myth everything, modules and all. I found even when I maxed all my weapons, I still had troubles so I stopped working on my third and started mything modules and I jumped from 9-11 matches to now 6-8. So if I ever find plat plates who knows :slight_smile: but the myth modules were my ticket. Keep up the great work though, those mechs are beasts.


Work on modules.
I always state it; modules are everything.


Most definitely modules first



basically what they said


modules are the lifeblood of good mechs.
atleast myth them before making a 3rd mech.
though experimenting with a third mech can get you up in the ranks.
after i made a phys mech and an energy i was perma rank 10.
would suggest modules first though.


Tnx 4 d tip… U guys r d best


I’d say modules too. After poor weapon choices leading to exploitable ranges, modules can be a big weakness.

My heat mechs heat capacity jumped upto 700+ since I focused on modules only, the amount of heat shots I can fire and be hit with before I overheat is greatly improved now.


and i still can reach r4 with my crappy module(legend lv.35)