Words cant describe how much i hate you right now "zarkares"


I was login into my mobile device , the game was lagging and i accident bought frem box , wasted 75 of my saved tokens and have this shoved into my face , I DONT EVEN USE HEAT OR PHYSICAL MECHS


Lol why is Zarkares getting blamed for your lag?


If he didnt create the new item = no news banner , no news banner = no mistake tap


I think we should ban Zarkares for creatjng a new torso. No Zarkares = no torso
No torso = no banner
No banner = no mistake tap. Ezpz


Great Idea!


Throw your mobile device down the toilet and flush it

No mobile device = No SM
No SM = No mistake tap


Nuh , not gonna flush my favorite newbie torso down the toilet


Well, that eould only solve my problem. There are other ppl that could make a mistake tap.


I can think of a solution for that…



Banner dissapear after first time appear , no more mistaps


Which Zarkares are you referring to, this Zarkares or that Zarkares???


My apology , but both


I’ve got the solution!

DELETE the internet!
No internet = no online game at all
no online game = no mistaken tab for anyone ever again


@Zarkares did nothing wrong~


he made a torso, theirfour he needs to be punished for it.


delete system 32