Woah , something new i guess



what is new?


version 10.1

I think the stuff we testedand the green marks? theres also a change for the font (again)


the watch ad for 20% premium (which is only for mobile, also been tried on pc) also.


they returned back to tokens for premiums


The premium were there for 2-3 months now?


well, for some time on pc it said “watch an ad for 20% more health” instead of about buying premium. i did it a few times. it was possible to watch ads instead of buying premium


I have phy mech so dont appear against me with that sniper on top or i will quit. i can tolerate 1 sniper but 2 sniper thats too much.


try me , muahahahaha


but needs to answer a yes-no question instead :))


Received 11 mb update this morning