WlwG - finally created an account here




Lol this thread is unbelievably ironic/funny now.

So many cheaters in reign it’s no wonder all their good members migrate to HTK.



Ill leave this here.



I love when you guys say that others start the flame wars all the time and HTK is always the victim.


this wasnt an active thread for a real suggestion.

it was a now dead thread for debunking rumours of cheats from someone who was just banned for cheating.

fluxeon was banned too I think which is very interesting :thinking:


and besides, I’ve never said HTK is always the victim. all I’ve ever said is HTK isnt always the perpetrator.


You maybe not but there is 23 other HTK member. Who told you that Wlwg was banned?


michelle did. I dont have any reason to disbelieve her since his main account just disapeared after he was reported.


Well Michelle says a lot of things like every old llyl member who ever left were banned so I wouldn’t believe it at 100% percent. She really likes to tell that the rival clan members were banned.


yeah I’m sure Reign decided to kick one of their highest performing members right as they slip out of first.

or perhaps WlWg simply happened to get tired of the game and retire legit at the same time as fluxeon?

sure, sure, sure, sure.

sounds super legit and plausable.


Sounds legit to me… there was like three or four llyl members left at the same time, just before llyl started to fall.


I don’t know. seems very suspicious both would leave at the same time considering how much speculation there was around it being an alt.


True, but Fluxeon was banned for cheating in raid and I never saw Wlwg at the top.
Only Sarah or some mod could tell us the truth, but I doubt that they will.


so what this tells us is fluxeon was someone not against using cheats.

at the same time the WlWg account:

  • shared the same flag
  • appeared out of nowhere with maxed versions of all the best myths
  • would play his 5 battles right after fluxeon logs off every day (according to michelle) without fail

then when fluxeon is banned, WlWg also decides to leave?

a couple of little things is a coincidence, but this is too much. it goes beyond reasonable doubt imo.


I would join htk but bestof has problems with me.



I’m pretty sure we’re full at the moment. In any case, I’m quite sure you’re fitting right in at Reign. Enjoy!


i cant understand if you are being passive aggresive towards me


If you wanna see something into something you’ll find your facts that confirm that assumption.

  • Fluxeon used a yellow paint Wlwg used a red one
  • Fluxeon all heat player and Wlwg was full phisical
  • sometimes they were online at the same time


I’ve chatted with both WlwG and Fluxeon .

  • They are differnet in terms of communication
  • WlwG uses kong
  • Fluxeon used the main site
  • They would be online at the same time
  • I asked both if tey are the same person , they asnwered no.
  • If 2 players are from the same country , it doesnt mean they are the same people


But anyway: