WlwG - finally created an account here


Welcome to the forums

Who are you? I does not know who u are.

What does this represent?
Does it mean Waluigi


Hi wlwg :slightly_smiling_face: I remember you where in the same clan as I was, you ranked up pretty fast I see :stuck_out_tongue:


hi wlwg, welcome too the forums :smiley:
i think you know me, i know you and i bet you are neither fluxeon nor a hacker.


Hey mate! Great builds you got there! Also, like the attitude. Need more people like you here on the forum.


Welcome to the forum . See you In Clan chat -se77en



and do you like short shorts too


Thanks everyone for the warm reception :smiley:

@Joeyjojojunior: Haha yup. Nice to see you here too
@Yeet Thanks man. Will try to contribute to the forum when I’m free
@trophy435 Not really, I prefer wearing pants
@Jenishrunner Heya, see you around kong. It’s always fun chatting with you there :slight_smile:
@x913 Yup I remember. Good to see you around.
@Kn0Tn0YT Don’t worry, I don’t know who you are either :stuck_out_tongue:
@the_yo_yo_man Yes, thanks for all your support and compliments!
@sparsh Thank you!!
@Winz_Kay Haha not telling. It’s actually a very long story how I got this IGN
@Yas999 Thanks man!


@El_Metre No worries. There are very few viable phys builds (and only 2 viable zero energy weapons) so it’s quite difficult to have a build that’s entirely original anyway.
@Algerianno Thanks!! See you around in clan!
@WMist253 Lol, my replays are getting a lot of notoriety lately :smiley:


I must interject and say that credit for the ne + ani + Steph blade goes to Rico not metre or wlwg. He used that months before the buff/nerf that generated all the hype around using a seph blade. And he used it to great effect too. Never feared Rico more than back then.


Put your right hand on the … and swear that is the truth and only the truth…
I made that build in October-November last year, and you can ask @Wepwawet about it, since i made it for her, when she landed the Seraph.


I can’t swear on it since I don’t remember when Rico started doing this. But he was the first I saw. And if I’m not mistaken Spartans we’re still broken last year weren’t they? If your reason for creating it was to help someone who lacked Spartans it doesn’t add up. But maybe you did make it first. Rico would have to confirm or deny since he’ll know better when he started using it.


It was befor evrything, and it would be used as a semy counter to energy builds.
With an Avenger torso…long long time ago.
Has nothing to do with curent game.


I started using the double Spartan because WelcometoptheList lived saying all the time he wanted 2 spartans and I didn´t understand what the benefit was, because I was confused with range of this weapon. So I started using it by Wel.

About Seraph … yes! It was El Metre that I first saw with this weapon, so I hurried to max out a Seraph that I had and El Metre taught me how to use it. Because the truth, I didn´t have much confidence on this weapon.

The Metre had built 1 mech with seraph and dual spartan, months months ago.


seph and spartans is one thing but I’m crediting seph + ne + ani to rico and we’re not sure if thats correct or not.


I remember Rico using that early and use corner strategy. He later added a desert fury. Items used on this build are quite wide spread, will be difficult to track who the father is…


I believe i have been the first to use:

  • dual nf/mercy/dual desert fury (man i loved that one)
  • mercy/nf/spartan/desert fury (was before claw, also made marvel back when the claw was 109kgs)


The truth is that there are thousands of players on the game. And we can only see one thousandth of them.

Therefore it´s very difficult to know if ideas come from others or if ideas arise spontaneously in many heads at the same time. The 2 things are possible. Because we are fair … neither Rico, nor Misfit, nor Wep, nor El Metre are the only ones who come up with things. I believe that when conditions are met, many people think same thing at the same time.

So you have an idea … my dual Desolation … I took the idea of a small player that I have never seen in the game and never more I have had to face.

So let’s know where the idea of Rico´s mech came from! It may have been an original idea of him or it might have been an idea born of seeing other builds.




Anyways, welcome to the forums!


lol everbody get nice thanks me only thank with @Yas999