WlwG - finally created an account here

I would join htk but bestof has problems with me.


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I’m pretty sure we’re full at the moment. In any case, I’m quite sure you’re fitting right in at Reign. Enjoy!

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i cant understand if you are being passive aggresive towards me

If you wanna see something into something you’ll find your facts that confirm that assumption.

  • Fluxeon used a yellow paint Wlwg used a red one
  • Fluxeon all heat player and Wlwg was full phisical
  • sometimes they were online at the same time

I’ve chatted with both WlwG and Fluxeon .

  • They are differnet in terms of communication
  • WlwG uses kong
  • Fluxeon used the main site
  • They would be online at the same time
  • I asked both if tey are the same person , they asnwered no.
  • If 2 players are from the same country , it doesnt mean they are the same people
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But anyway:

He’d have to be pretty stupid to fall into that trap.

So? If you’re cheating a bunch of items in a physical dominated meta which we had at that time obviously physical would be optimal. Perhaps if it was done 6 months ago he’d use energy items. This is seriously weak. Cheating an alt doesn’t mean you’d use all the same items lol. You’re usually pretty smart but the fact they had different paints and mech types proves nothing lol.

All I ever saw and Michelle watched this for a long time was fluxeon comes on does battles then right after wlwg comes on.

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I think we can all agree the ship has sailed on that rule being enforced lmao.

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So what? There are lot of people live in Singapore

There is a thing called money. Michelle also came from nowhere with full fused items and back then that costed thousands of dollars as well

Lots of players do the 5 battles/day only because more don’t worth it

Fyi wlmg started playing with the piss yellow paint and switched to red later on


Singapore is a very small country. Like I said any one of these things on its own is a coincidence. All these things together seems very unlikely.

Most people tend to spend their cash gradually in this game and so build up a lot slower. His massive growth would suggest hundreds if not thousands of dollars at once. Like I say on its own it’s possible but all together it leads to suspicion.

That’s not the point the point is fluxeon would come online to do it. Then when he goes offline, wlwg would come online every day.

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:rofl: and :laughing:

95% they were same time online, which is very very very unusal, even you live in the same country :exclamation:

WHY you try to protect him :question:



Because Im Wlwg obviously.

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The plot thickens.

Plot twist.

Sadly. Im starting to enjoy this shet… its been longtime since the lasts turmoils…


Ho boy get your snacks ready.

Ill bring lord gorgon cause he is my snack :wink:

I suppose it’s tome to reveal myself too…

Lord gorgon is my alt account.

All his Spartans? I got kig to hack them for me.

Why did I do it? I guesss I juts wanted to feel powerful. I guess gorgon filled a whole in my life that had been left there from a dark past and rough childhood. Gorgon was my imaginary friend as a boy. Whenever my abusive father got drunk and began punching things, I relied on gorgon to protect me. Gorgon was always there for me. Gorgon will always be there for me. I guess on a sub conscious level it was never truly about cheating an alt account to gain position in supermechs. I just wanted gorgon to live on with me now that I’m out of the home. He flies with me and battles side by side in the arena with me.

I intended to finish this posts a lot sooner.


Im back on rounded just to avoid this exagerated braging. You just destroyed my fun playing counters by braging mate…

Biggest nonsense I ever read about me :exclamation:

Here the facts about …

  • I grow very slowly at SuperMechs, needed months to be Top :exclamation:

  • back then 1 full fused Mech costed around 50$ :exclamation:

So please do not spread such fails informations :exclamation:

No clue from where you get your infos, but you should defenetly consider to change your source :exclamation: