WlwG - finally created an account here


Hi all, this is the real WlwG (WLWG). I finally created an account here as I noticed my name getting a lot of attention this past week. I feel I need to explain myself and clarify a few things.

.1. Regarding my losses to haze, some wanted to ask if it was a “fail” on my part:

The answer is yes and no.

The last day of the arena season I had switched my pure anti-energy mech to a mixed anti-energy/heat mech to counter against the “switch mech->hb” trick used by a few top players (namely nagibator). This meant my anti-energy mech had 600+ energy, 500+ heat instead of the original 800 energy, 300 heat that it usually has. (As some have rightfully pointed out, having merely 600 energy is nowhere near capable of withstanding an emp onslaught).

Secondly I had switched my all-rounded mech (the one with 2150 hp) to have a higher heat cap and lower energy cap.

The reason for these switches were two-fold. Mainly because I did not see any energy builders in the top 20, and secondly because against heat builders, I was only winning around 50% before the switch. So I took a gamble and built my mechs against heat and phys, rather than to counter all 3 types.

In fact (@bestof), it wasn’t because I cannot handle emp mechs that I lost to haze, it was because I did not expect to meet an energy builder, much less an emp mech in my last 20 minutes of tourney, especially after the emp nerf.

Third reason I lost to haze, was as you guys have mentioned - poor play and poor luck. I was static, and was out-maneuvred by haze. Also, after switching my mech, I pulled my drone which did abysmal damage. I could have instead just fired my spartan to kill haze’s first mech off, but it was a calculated gamble, to which I lost and paid heavily.

The fourth reason was that I did not expect him to pull a shield on his second mech. The moment he deployed it, I knew it was game over for me. Without the shield I might have still won after committing so many mistakes.

I was 2 arena points from pulling ahead of bestof before that loss. It was 20 minutes to end of season. I had decided it was an all-or-nothing situation in attempting to get 1st place again.

I made big gambles, I lost. After the first loss to haze and with 20 minutes to go, I knew a medal was out of question.
I’m not disappointed nor do I regret it. I learnt from it.
This is a game with pixelated medals and no prize money for winning. If I had played it safe and decided not to go for the gold medal, I would have gotten third place last season.

.2. Thank you to everyone for all the congratulations and praise I got for winning 1st place (my first singles gold medal) last week. I had lady luck on my side, and special thanks to bestof for giving me my final (and nonetheless very satisfying) win that season (but you still have my utmost respect bestof :slight_smile: ).
I don’t know if I should feel honoured that everyone’s watching my replays these days… Anyway whatever! :slight_smile:

.3. Regarding my seraph/ne/anni build: @lordgorgon
No. I did not receive help from el metre…
I built that mech on my own within minutes of the initial seraph buff and used that build until seraph was reverted (bestof probably remembers, as I beat her a couple of times then).
The moment seraph’s damage was reverted, I switched to dual spartan/mercy build (yes, I learnt from lordgorgon’s build).
And el metre, “he (referring to me) doesnt have so much spartans” is wrong. In fact I have 6 in my arsenal, and built 3 dual spartan mechs before claw nerf. (Believe it or not, I still have 0 bunker shells.)
The moment claw was nerfed, I switched back to my seraph/ne/anni build. My clan can attest to that as I mentioned it to them within minutes of claw nerf.
I put NE instead of spartan because I think it goes well with seraph. It is definitely NOT because I lack spartans, and I most definitely did not copy anyone in creating this build.

.4. To bestof and to everyone else:
I am NOT Fluxeon, and no I don’t “cheat at raid” (seriously, have you ever seen me end top 3 in raid???). Please also do not assume all singaporean players in this game are the same person. I hear you’ve done that several times in the past. There are quite a few singaporean players in this game who are actively playing.

Please also stop asking Fluxeon and the other Reign Reforged members. I repeat, I am NOT Fluxeon.

I am, and have only been, myself. My gamertag/IGN is WlwG (WLWG) in all games I play. I have played many games and I am always WlwG (unless they require more than 4 characters). You can search for my gamertag in all other games you play. If there is someone called WlwG/WLWG there, it is 99% likely that it was created by me. My kongregate account WlwG is at least 10 years old. If you know me from another game, nice to have met you!

.5. Why do you guys use my losses as evidence for emp/claw/heaters being too strong/weak is beyond my comprehension. I have losses just like you all. I have wins just like you all.

My anti-heat won against asa8742’s double heat mechs today (top heat builder last season). My anti-energy won against o_o’s double energy mechs today (player with second most gold medals according to bestof).

My anti-phys has an all-time 3-0 (100%) win rate against bestof (screenshots available), at least 6+ to 0 (100%) win rate against cadbunny (last week silver medalist, before he joined Reign), 90-100% (as far as I recall) win rate against MrE/www0www, and around 50% win rate against lordgorgon (or as lordgorgon says, he’s probably up by a bit :slight_smile: ). (Please do correct me if I’m wrong on any of those)

I build my own mechs (apart from learning the dual spartan build from lordgorgon), play my own style, enjoy time chatting with my own clanmates and helping newbies out in kong chat. I make big gambles often. Sometimes they pay off (top 3 medal), sometimes they don’t (loss to haze).

I don’t pick my opponents by sending 1v1 invites nor do I play selective hours when certain opponents aren’t online. All of my arena battles are within the first 2 hours of arena shop reset as I end work around that time (except the last day of arena season for obvious reasons). I always fight in arena without first looking at who’s online, even on the last day of season. I have NEVER sent anyone a 1v1 invite unless they sent me one first.

I’ve read most of the forum posts on the various buffs/nerfs you want on different items. Honestly, I’ve played so many different multiplayer games that I really do not care whether an item gets buffed or nerfed. I just react to the changes, test out a few builds, then build my mechs from there.

If you think an item is strong, USE IT. If you think an item is weak, DO NOT USE IT. Simple and logical, isn’t it? We aren’t gonna cut off Usain bolt’s legs or Michael Phelps’ arms or give them extra weights are we?

I’m happy when I get a top 3 medal, but I don’t cry when I do not. You win some, you lose some. This is a game. This is not life. Congrats to everyone who has gotten a singles gold medal in the past (especially bestof with her 29 and counting golds), good luck to everyone trying for a singles gold medal this season and in all future seasons.

In summary/TLDR version:
.1. Yes I made mistakes against haze, but my mechs were set up against phys/heat rather than against emp.
.2. Thanks for all the compliments for my getting gold medal.
.3. I am not Fluxeon and I do not “cheat at raid”.
.4. Please don’t use my wins/losses as “evidence” to support your claims that an item needs a buff or nerf. I have my reasons for the way I build my mechs and the way I play.

In case you were wondering, yes I like to write essays.
Thanks for reading.

P.S. to the moderators, if anything in this post is against forum rules, do let me know. I’ll edit it away.


Hello @wlwg, Nice to meet you

Welcome to the Forums


@Fluxeon can you confirm? real wlwg?

Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your time here :smile:


Well, you don’t have to ask fluxeon to confirm it’s me. Just ask me in game… I’m online now in SM if you want to do so.


That’s good enough confirmation for me

Welcome! I’m WinzKay


Welcome to the forums!


Welcome to the forums :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome on the forum mate.

Worry not for i witness the changes on your builds first hand in arena. It was most likely that there was no middle man as rhe changes has been minutes in some cases.
Good to have a fellow 100% physicist around the forum. Your clan mates are around, but if needed or wanted, dont hezitate to tag me up.

And yeah, when you started raming the ladder, some people (me included) got slightly suspicious; you literaly came out of nowhere. Thats the past, you earned your stuffs and my respect in battle for what matters.

Cheers mate.

Edit: im usually to drunk to play/defend the last hours of seasons; will try to give you a go this time :joy:. And btw, what does your ign stands for?

Also good to see that we build with different approaches, i line up 2 rounded and one anti phys. Variety is good.

Edit: @wlwg, el metre mentionned having “built this line up” for you a few weeks ago. Happy to read you are self made


Haha, there’s a long story behind my ign (involves nicknames and ex-gf etc) but I’ve had it since I was probably around 16 years old. (I’m in my late 20s now)

I probably won’t be competing for a medal this season due to work commitments, but perhaps next season :slight_smile:


Welcome WLWG! Welcome!

I always thought it was wiwg. At one point I was calling everyone at home wiwig :grin: (just after Seraph buff).

Anyway, will be really great to have such an articulate fellow around here. We need more perspective and diversity in discussions.

Always nice to face you in arena. Very challenging.

As my son always says “dad, wiwig is too OP”

Welcome again!



Welcome to the forums @wlwg!

I always stalk you by watching your battle replays!


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Welcome on the forums mate.


Welcome to the forum.
My apology , I must have confused you with another forum member, beliving it was you.
I have made that built for some member here, but in fact he did not possesed 6 Spartans, only 3, and thus i had made him that build using NE, Ani, Seraph, as an anty phis, closequarters counter.
And when i saw that build on you, i made the assumtion that it was you whom asked for some help.


Welcome to the Forums! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums! What does WlwG stand for??

Someone tell me


Welcome to the SM forum friend hope u enjoy :smiley:


Welcome @wlwg
We met as you remember :smiley:
Welcome to the forums my friend!