Without Limits - Lounge and Recruitment


Welcome to the Without Limits room

Be rank 7-1
Be active
3 victories per day as the daily mission

If you spend an inactive extended period you will be expelled unless you explain your inactivity in advance

People who speak English / Spanish are welcome in this clan

If you want to join:

  • Leave a comment

  • send me a pm

  • Encuéntrame en el juego (or in the global)

Directed by his great friend the Scarlet image

People from the community recruited

I need a clan that is really good

i can for real but i dont meet the requirments the rank one but i meet the other ones


This clan is pretty lit you can get good rewards and people aren’t as mean as LEGENDARY_MECH to be a savage kicking you out with out even telling you


I thought you said you left


No I did not he kick me because. Got hook on another game for 3 days
@Winz_Kay did you read it


I wish you good luck with your clan man!
You’re a great guy and I know you’d make a great leader!


Who my clan leader not me right


Antonio :sweat_smile:


Oh I thought so haha what I think now days


Yes I read your little proclamation. You clearly stated you “might leave” and never mentioned you were kicked


I tried to tell you but you did not answer me and you were 20 arena points behind everybody else in the clan so i kicked you just deal with it.


The leader of the clan is @TheYeff


You’d still make a great leader.


well i did not even go on the forum for 3 days


no i ment legendary mechs clan


Well, someone has a question about our clan?


wait you asking if some has a question




oh okay just wondering got to bring it back some time want to pvp


Thank you Friend for having me in your clan.
I have to move on, but we will see us from time to time :wink: Gogo guys!