Wish me luck community, it's all for you

I will spend a few hours searching for the following things in the game data:

  • The chances of getting a legendary item in a premium box.
  • The chances of getting an epic item in ordinary boxes.
  • All items currently in the game, at their maximum level.

Since developers do not give us such information, it’s time we get ourselves.

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I REJECT ⁓Fluffeh[/spoiler]


One detail … all the boxes don´t behave the same according to where they are …

I explain … it´s easier to get an epic in the common boxes (those that are bought with coins), than in the current box of common items in campaign.

Yesterday I did about 15 missions and only got an epic.

What is really “salty” is getting legendary in the boxes of 75 tokens. Seems crazy thing!


Yes. Good luck.

I agree that there should at least be a percentage chance and a number of items displayed in the boxes.

So far, I see that when we get commons, there are 3 drops.
Rares get 2-3 drops.

Does a premium box only drop 1 item? If so… what are the chances that they drop epics and/or legendary.

Is there even a chance (even a tiny speck of a chance) that mythicals drop from premium boxes?

I believe that these are crucial information that should not need “digging.”


Any luck dude? @KilliN


Found items but have troubles with stats. Still “working”.