Wish list for a potential update

I only post when it’s necessary now. :slight_smile:


My wish-list is only one wish …

  • introduce old SuperMechs system again
    (instead level-based mechs, tier-based mechs)

That would make SuperMechs great again :exclamation:

And yes @Fluxeon is “busy” with other “things” :exclamation:

Greatings from @Ashley and @El_Nancy_Silvera btw to you @lordgorgon :exclamation:


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Those are the things that should have been added ever since Reloaded.

  1. Also, beside that maybe add, a slight boost to the boiler type wepons CL,Sorow, Savagery, Grimsome, Snake Thing. In terms of dmg 10%(those things hit pathetic).
    And maybe a slight increase in overall heat dmg of heat wepons, in terms of 5%.
    ATM none of them can be used efficiently, due to prohibited use costs, and basicly they don’t overheat anymore. And lack comtetitive use.
    They kinda fell behind with the Arena Shop, like all the stats went higher, and they kinda remained behind a bit.

Besty, im triying to make a yet unseen “1 comunity, 1 voice” kindof shet here. Might be interesting, and might have some impact on the devs (i know, im uber optimistic, but we never know).
Shoot some ideas.

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Also on the side of Energy things.
Energy is dead atm…
There needs to be done some revirgoration to it.
1.Rebalance the EMP, make it 50Kg and regive the 15% extra drain it had.
2. Relove the Energy torso, basicly they are dead, not used… kinda all of the torsos are dead except Zark, Brut, Wedingo… there needs to be some more revigoration of those.
3. Archimond much? Add it to the rework, reloved the unloved items.


Knowing this game now for so many years and being top all the time, I can only give one idea, as stated above …

  • WOULD be best SuperMechs ever …

Epic Mechs vs Epic Mechs

Legendary Mechs vs Legendary Mechs

Mythical Mechs vs Mythical Mechs

Highest tier equiped item counts :exclamation:

Would involve again …

  • strategy
  • more building
  • F U N


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@bestplayerintheworld, @Fluxeon, @El_Metre, mates youre ok to be in the review/sorting veteran group in a few days?

Sure, tag or send a message when it’s going on.

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Bring it Lordy.
Make an open bar option on it.

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not greedy, i am talking about swoop. WHY DOES IT NEED 31 ENERGY TO FIRE? TOO MUCH!

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It’s the highest heat dealing drone.

but 31 energy cost is too much.
they could reduce energy cost to like 15, or increase heat cost to like 45.

I don’t have one, by the way, just saying.

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Reducing the energy cost to 25, increasing the heat cost to 45, wait.

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I would like the options opened up to either 1v1 or all the way up to 3 v 3 . One or both of those . I would like to see a movie drone tier item for LM items . 250 hp plates resistance modules at 24 resistance or halfway between LM and epics . Energy could use a Zarkares type torso. Heat and phys need non energy hammers/axes . Add more rollers than beasts and runners . Hi HP and decent overall stats . Naga and the plane looking thingy have terrible stats and hp. Ranged weapons introduced . 1-2 range per weapon not 3-4 weapons anymore . Drop legacy items . Shields , 1 kg teleports , blow backs , etc . Thide are just a few . There are about a million more .

  1. 3v3
  2. Escape engine
    3.Reworking of the physical mech type: Any time brute force is introduced into a turn based strategy game things go bad. The physical type, in my opinion, needs to change completely.
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I thought about this, if anything the current one should be able to go back or forward. (because it really wouldn’t be useful to pack it and actually need to be close, or far).

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for me it’d be only

  1. Buff heat a bit… it still needs help, the weight reduction only helps to fit like 1 mod like a cooling booster or 2… not too helpful there

  2. Nerf spartan by a bit… like just a bit, not too much, maybe the drain should be lower

  3. Make the claw easier to find (but still rare… just m=dont make it as rare as a plat plate but more like around a good legy item) or make legendaries a bit easier to find depending on your lvl (150 having the most chances of legendaries… not too op of course… just up the chances a bit)

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@lordgorgon, is it going to be submitted?

I put together a group of veteran players pm. Target being to syntetise ideas from the thread.
Atm moment we discuss anything but this :joy:


Why didnt you add me though :thinking: