Wish list for a potential update


Hi guys,

So lets have a little thread about what we would like to see comming in the game.
Lets try to be constructive and realistic; we would be less ignored by the devs this way.

Please post a maximum of 3 ideas.
Some guys out here have a lot of background and witnessed many changes in the game.
@HappyPoppers, @bestplayerintheworld, @Joeyjojojunior, @Rovolution, @El_Metre, @Wepwawet, @Misfit
So mates, if you dont mind, in say 3 days times, id like you to collect best 2 ideas each, we will sit together and think of a way to feed that to the devs.
Hope everybody is in.
Lets put aside the shets and form a block to try and bring the game to a more interesting point.

Everybody, shoot out your ideas.

So here are my wishes:

  • rework of unloved physical weapons
  • introduction of 3v3 (not forced)

Cheers ya’ll

(May fire be opened, lets bring it to our special “heated PM”)

@Mr.E bro can you please supervise the stuff. (Also bring up your contribution ideas)


I wish matchmaking is based on your items, not ranks.

That way, we poor low ranks don’t have to face full mythical smurf who farms wins from us like getting milk from a cow


I’d like to see something which let’s u switch places with ur opponent once per battle (it would require energy other wise it would be op )



Mass heaters get buffed
the post above
Good beam weapons for physicalls

  • Every L-M item now have their own Epic state
    A few days later:[Said L-M items name] Too overpowered [Said L-M items name]Needs a nerf :exclamation: posts will start flooding the forum, you knew whose post is it.

Please dont ban me


Thanks for making this important thread Mr Gorgon!

For me, I feel the most important thing to change about the game right now is the high damage output. In this regard, I say that damage must be nerfed across the board by 50% which will achieve the following:

Battles will be longer, whereby forcing phys builds to equip more weapons, especially repeat use weapons. Equiping more weapons would mean sacrificing HP.

Energy and heat would stand more of a chance since the drain effect and overheating would have more time to actually work.

Low damage res drain weapons would become useful and relevant. I.E. Greedy drone, Desert Fury etc.

Tactics would re-enter the battles, and become just as important as damage.

The Claw will have further drawbacks, forcing people to start using proper legs again.

Build considerations would become more varied and critical.

This one aspect, a simple to implement change I might add, would essentially revive the game in so many ways.


I want the option to exchange gold for boxes/packs.

Just like what happened in the first day of reloaded


I wish a few physical items gets at least a minor buff, like Greedy having like less costs or whatever.

Or I wish that Spartan Carnage would have a SLIGHT nerf in the damage by 20-50 damage, or at least reduce the drain to 10-12.

Another one is that the matchmaking was based on your mech, items, and other stuff, not just ranks because S M U R F S.

Another one is I wish that the EMPs weight need to be reduced to 60-65


i would like to see the 1v1 back
and also i would like to see the hp and damage to bring back to the old release proportions (something like @Mr.E suggested above)


Hi, Lord! This is a nice place to revive my long-forgotten idea of daily containers… This is the full description:
Changes to premium account.
I believe that the premium account is the least utilized feature of the game, and TS should offer more for those who want to purchase it… And for the GIST, the idea of daily containers summarized below:
“In my opinion the premium account should give benefits to ALL PLAYERS, and I suggest the introduction of a system of DAILY CONTAINERS. This is a solution similar to Wargaming’s World of Warships. Once you purchase the premium account, besides all the current free extras (2 free mix boxes, monthly specials program, in game purchases of boxes, etc.) you are entitled to receive 1 CONTAINER per 24 hours. And there are several classes of containers you can select every day (it is your decision what you need every day):
Class 1 - box container: it contains a certain number of item boxes (like 5, e.g.) you receive additionally to help you boost your fusion power. This box will be priceless for those, who grind heavily for items in the campaign, but burned their legacies. I have currently 2.5 million gold, but I am not willing to pay 50 k for a box of 3 commons (with the prices of regular boxes increasing with every click). This container would help me a lot. Plus, it could give you 1 legendary item per month - guaranteed.
Class 2 - gold container: with this container you receive some amount of gold (e.g. 50 k per day, similar to the bonus for daily wins). So this container will be priceless for all those who are still stuck with legacies and who want to fuse their mechs fast. If you select this container every day, you end up with addtional 1.5 million gold per month. This is significant.
Class 3 - good luck container - This container gives you a tiny chance of getting a super container (e.g 1 million gold and 10 premium boxes, etc.), but if you fail, you receive some shitty stuff, like 10k gold and 1 additional box.”


Yes but people would just stockpile their much better modules to their main mechs just like that, so I don’t think that would be a very good idea. Also even if people like still use 2v2, most would just be smurfs now.


i would like 1v1 be an option not necesserily the first choise
on my past experiences, i find it that 1v1 requires well rounded mechs i.e.
versatile mechs, whish is imo involves much more thinkingin building, and their use much more startegy than f.e. the mindless counterbuilds…


forgot to mention that i also would like to see the old shop back




I would prefer the game to be less Rock’em Sock’em Robots, where the two Mechs just stand there and shoot at each other…


…and more about Tactics, with a lot more movement and importance of positioning

If I could pick the three most important changes, I would pick :one: Re-introduction of Shields…

:two: Bringing in Steel Plates to bridge the gap between Iron and Platinum

and :three: Introducing “Sweet Spot” Mechanics to Weapon Ranges, to encourage more Movement and Tactics

Great games will always have much more Tactics and Decisions to make. It’s why Chess is so much better than Checkers. I would love to see SuperMechs Reloaded take it to the next level :grinning:


Some players use the arena bug, it stops playing when their score is high, do not play when the online players are strong!

  1. If a player does not play 5 fights in the arena during the day, give a penalty in the form of - 5 arena points for each unplayed fight!
  2. Remove the opportunity to see online players at the moment!
  3. Show the result of the arena, after a couple of hours!

With this update we will increase the online players in the arena! The arena will be completely unpredictable.


I understand your point. Will be submited.

Ps: Good battles this morning, gg


Yes, the fight was super! I experimented with a hammer, and forgot to take it off! So would you beat me =)

  1. Closing the gap between L-M and C-E items, especially modules like Platinum Plating and Resistance Modules. Either by decreasing the weight of the C-E version, or buffing the stats of the C-E version.
  2. Heat weapon that can go up to Mythical (starts at Epic and lower) and hits at range 2-4.


Good reading you mate.
Ill try to have a small group of veteran players sort out the ideas here once enough are collected.
You arent very active on the forum atm, so i didnt count you in. But id be happy if youd lend a hand on that. Im planning to have the thread run for a few days before that happens.
After working things out id like to be able to present some relevant stuffs to the devs. Who knows, they might give it a look…