WinzKay's Youtube Channel Outlet!


Click the link below for channel:

WInzKay {SM}

I have yet to decide if I want to use it or not but subscribe anyway :laughing:


great intro :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you!

It’s not a good one and has it’s flaws but I’ll fix a good one in the future :blush:


Now i will proceed to spam winzgay under evey video


Song of the intro?..


Youtube section please.

Also gud jub for making it.


Nice! I subscribed to you.
Most of my videos are ear rape so I guess this is a change of pace :slight_smile:


I put the song name in the description like anyone else lol


It was put in Youtube section but it seems to have glitched in here




Nice! Good luck buddy :smiley:


Thanks Madara. I’ll probably post once every year lol


Still learning the editting parts of content creating :sweat_smile:





nice vid, what recorder did you use?



It’s an application that comes with every apple product that’s not ios


I just love how you said Myth Food when you got the PP


You actually watched it



Yeah…why not…I love pack opening and Mything vids


Nice murmur. Use it!