Wings or Flying mechs


I thought a good idea for super mechs is wings for mechs or hovering mechs. wings would not just be cosmetic but they would be a better form of jumping as where hovering mechs are more mobile than walking mechs wings could move you any where on the field where as hover mechs can move at standard, three spaces forward rather than two or one space forward i know my spelling is not that good but i think adding wings or hover mechs would be a great addition to the types of mechs for SM… and maybe even a new weapon type… like hack type… but i will explain that on a new topic


there already 3 movement walking legs. Sparked runners and others. Plus about these wings / flying mechs , I personally would consider that as infinite teleporters Most annoying thing ever since diamond shell builds.


in a short way, wings allow you to jump anywhere on the map


well wings are limited use i was gonna say that wings are cosmetic teles with a cool animation but i thought people would understand. what im trying to say is that wings could be cosmetic teles or just a cosmetic that makes your mech fly just as a cosmetic bonus if you want me to explain in detail you can just say i can understand why you dislike the idea i did not really explain how it would work entirley


Comsetics are VISUALS only , not actuall powers / possibilities dude.


Cosmetic/visual wings, sure… why not?

Problem is, so far the only perks we got are “hat” types. Then again, we have the pumpkins, so a “wing” visual might be possible.

But in-game effects? I don’t know. Like what was mentioned earlier, we got legs with those movement in effect already. And we have teleporters. Adding in a flying feature will cause balancing issues (?).


This might work, if the devs put a lot of thought into it (maybe as a big update), especially if the wings give negative health. If they make you more of a fragile but fast creature, it may work. This could possibly balance out, because it would take a turn to move and it may take the other player a turn to get in a position that allows them to hit you. Another mechanic could be added where, if the plane or bird player tries to fly over the other, it is dealt as much damage as the other mechs stomp does. (Swatting it as it goes by, making the player pay for their movement.)


I really REALLY hate this idea i made, I am so sorry for the trouble this may have caused. (but not that much… I guess)


nobody cares that much, don’t worry about it.