Windows App too full of ads

the windows app has too many ads, i played the raid and i had to watch 3 ads. when i’m playing on campaign i get at least 2 ads per mission

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Then dont use the app

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just informing the admins. i’m currently playing on browser

Such double standards #2

“This game is too p2w. They are milking our money. They are bad. There are other more simpler ways to make money.”


“Ads??? Get rid of!! They’re annoying.”


tried playing campaign and an ad pops up after every enemy you defeat?
i don’t mind the ads most of the times, but having 3 ads in one mission is too much


I feel like they’re still in their testing phase at the moment

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I used the Windows app for awhile, too, but it had a lot of issues. Yeah, I get a little tired of the multiple ads in missions too, but, whatever. SSDD. Not impressed that the ads/videos that give rewards, are not working anymore, as well as the extra cards, in silver boxes. Tried different browsers, but no luck there. I don’t have mobile data, because the rates in Canada are astronomical, so, that’s out of the question too. Just keep plodding along, as per usual. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can’t go to the portal from the phone, I tried it yesterday = I crashed the application 4 times, hung 3 times, 3 advertisements went without problems - this is all for 1 mission! You are crazy! Do not delete the application just because I look from the phone, what actions will appear.
Most importantly, I have no bonus advertising anywhere, that is, I cannot get 20% hp in a campaign, tokens in the store, coins in the arena, nothing of the kind, and in the campaign advertising goes one by one …

@Sarah247 fix it.