Windigo or Brutality?

Seriously i need some help

It’s for a phys mech.

Since i got uh… zarkares i plan to change this guy here

ı have 3 phy mechs and my first torso windigo, windigo or brutality windigo is balanced than brut.

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Look my phys.

Child Brutality if you have plenty of heat mods , Windigo if you have plenty of HP mods


if you have zark , go for it , no other 2 torso needed

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Put zark in place of windigo? the windigo over brut?

Place zark in , its better than all the previous torsos in every aspect . though save both windigo and zark , you will need them on either your second or third mech in the future

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@darkweaver and @TheWindWeaver
Thanks! :smile:

Ye Zarkares is better than both of them

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Hmm… people talk a lot about zarkares and how it’s good.
( 0_0):ok_hand:

I think it’s the best E-M Torso

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no problem , as long as i can help

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this is why build help exist

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Windigo. Zarkares. Fractured Heat Armor MPV. EFA (Energy Free Armor). All of this are best for heat mech. Brutality not so good , but if you won’t to have -hp because overload , then use brutality

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Here’s an old post I did that still mostly holds true: A rough formula for judging which torsos are best

Long story short, high HP cores tend to be better mechs without access to mythical plates or the Claw legs. With mythical plates, lower HP cores with better stats tend to be slightly better.

Ultimately though, most of the cores are close enough now that it really depends on what fits with the weapon load out you’re trying to use. If you can fit Zakaras with your weapons, it’s obviously way better than Windigo and Brutality. If you can’t, then it’s not.

Building on that, eventually you need to be able to hit specific numbers with a combination of modules that works for the weight. This can change the core that works best. For example, if you decide you want to hit 300 cooling and 2000 HP, and with a certain core the sensible module set ups either give you 250 cooling and 2200 HP or 350 cooling and 1800 HP (or whatever) then you may need a different core for your weapon set up.