Windigo heat torso

Guys is the Windigo torso the best torso in game for heat build it has better stats than any other heat torso but it cost more weight to it but im looking for other heat torso that exceed windigos stats.

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If theres any heat torso other than windigos

@Wepwawet @El_Metre
Can you help this player?

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i used the windigo torso at the beginning of sm reloaded.
yes it has very good cooling and stuff.
windigo hasn’t a lot of hp and
it’s your choice but i’m sure windigo isn’t the best torso
and it’s quite heavy

Windigo, Naga and GrimReaper are the best torsos now. (as of the recent nerf on everything)

sure, posted it in the nerf topic of mord… but here it is again for the fans:

could be the best, for alot of build.
Altho i think grim ripper is the best torso up to date.

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In my book depends what you wanna build, and more importat what modules you have fully fused.
If i were to build the best heat mech only 0 energy wepons, i would go for avenger, if heat mech with energy wepons(corupt light, flames) i would use sith, just an example, because these fit(weight) with the wepons i use. Same with all other builds, depends on where you wanna go.
Example Grim is low hp, and get’s mauled by decent phis. Same phis get owned by energy heat builds, who get stomped by grim energy drainers builds.
Flushy bee a nice wabbit and pop a pic of a full naga could you?

I just need some suggestions since boosting cost me to much and i have to make sure that i boost the best one so that im okay for what i am doing and no regret…sorry for bad english

well befor this balance there were other torsos that were great, in some builds, now those dont work in those builds at all. You cant build a one torso that fits all, the era of GM torso is over…now you have to think, and adapt to what you have, work with what you get… it no longer is the same boring meta.
Skill now is in building and adapting.

Thanks guys for helping out :3

very good torso, for allrounder.
Thank you Flushy…candy?:candy:

And what happened to Brutality? Any stats for the maxxed Brutal, guys?

Archimond is missing too… @ToxicDoll you had it i think, also Flushy has it.

Archimonde is terrible now.

Agree, same as Avenger…well Avenger is worse… bloody hell brutality put on some serious weight :))).
Diet plans.

Thank you, Flux. Since I have no Windigo, I will go for Naga and Brutality. Got 2 legendaries now…

Naga it’s a good torso for heat

Hi. I advise you to use Nightmare or Brutallity. But nightmare is better.

This is an infidelity …

But look, I take it with these modules … as you see it has 290 of max. heat and 220 cooling.

It resists very well to other heats, as long as you know when to cool manually. Here is your ability to play.

i preffer you to use brutality. It has has more regen and energy capacity than nightmare.
when you use a heat mech that consumes energy you should use brutality :wink:
it’s still your choice -.-

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