Will this build work?


Since I’ve got The Claw from the EMP item portal I started making a physical build with it.
So I’d like some pointers to improve the current setup if possible:

Should I keep the 2 Annis or should I exchange 1 Anni with SeraphBlade?

With 2 Annis the setup would have some effect even against energy mechs wheras SeraphBlade would probably deal more damage.


Mercy + Seraph Blade :upside_down_face:


Seraph sc and mercy :slight_smile:


Dual Anni won’t.
You won’t be able to move,thus you won’t fire more than 3 shots.
Plus,energy mechs will either move or push you out of range,so you’ll have to use your utilities => at most 3 shots (unless it’s a close range).
I’d say swap an Anni to SB and a heat engine to an energy engine (for over 600 heat and 250 cooling;just approximated,you’re gonna have more than that and it’s enough).
Maybe also give up on 1 plate for more energy (for a more rounded build if you want it an universal and not a counter),too.


You know,a NE works great with a SeraphBlade,as you can launch a SB strike from range 3 and also close the range gap.
But then again,you can keep either NE or Spartan and Spartan deals more damage.
But you also need an Anni as a range-closed combo to go with Seraph after you’re at range 2.
But then again,Anni is pretty much a stomp from the claw,so you can also give up on an Anni for Seraph and NE (you’d also have energy if you swap a plate, swap and engine and put 2 others).
So yeah,you can pretty much do anything (plz don’t make me analyze it even deeper).


Mercy + Seraph is a nonsense. Seraph + anni makes sense.
Here mate, you could go creative a little (as it seems you dont plan to go against elecs with this one):
Night Eagle + Spartan + Seraph. Saved weight would allow you a better module set up
Dont worry for range 2, seraph + calw stomp does the job


Maybe Nightfall + Spartan Carnage + Mercy + Seraph Blade :stuck_out_tongue:
150 + 362 is 512 weight by itself.
40 + 40 is 80 for the 2 iron plates
25 times 4 is 100 so 180 weight there
Teleporter + Grapple + Drone + Charge = 77 weight
all that together is 769 weight which means u have 231 weapon work space.
Now I suggest putting on some energy engines and maybe a booster.
if you do 2 energy boosters and 1 energy engine with 2 heat engines that is 115 weight, which puts your work area for your mech to 216.
Now here are the 2 outcomes.
49 (NF) + 51 (SC) + 49 (SB) + 84 (Mercy) = 233 weight.

Now, you can remove an iron plate since this is all based around damage.
And you can add more energy to it since almost all of your items use energy.

NOt sure if this plays well so don’t take this advise too far :confused:
(Information from Max Mythicals Listing)


Thanks for all the advices.
Unfortunately I have a lot of things but no Mercy - just to clarify: I mean the item not the character trait. :grin:
Though I probably also won’t show mercy (character trait) in PvP. :smirk:

So your suggestions would be like this:

trial 2


Or would this module setup be better?

trial 3


Second one is better


Focus on dealing with 2 types, eithet energy and phis, or heat and phis.
Neither will fair against phis, because low averall hp, and no resist.
I rekon you dont have phis protector, so your best shot it hp.
For that you should use 3 plates, and set it up as a heat-phis fighter.
So back on the first build you presented :
Drop an anih, put seraph(65-49=24kg spare), drop a heat engine, put a booster, +10kg spare, drop teleport, another 11kg spare. Total spare 45kg, put another plate.


I left the teleporter for movement.
Result something like this:

trial 4


I like it.
Decent phis and heat fighter.


You have too many weapons for a phys. 2 Nightfalls and 1 mighty Cannon ought to do it, or 1 NF and 1 Spartan Carnage since you have it.


Seraph works best with SC and NF. Provides the best possible odds for continued combos.

Just pack enough energy or heat, depending what it’s built for.

Mine is just for heat and phys, so it does not go against energy. Possible to balance this build quite well though. But mech balancing/specialization all depends on rank nowadays.