Will the effort of years be lost?

What happens with the upgrade we have in our weapons now, ie I have a +15 weapon, can I merge it with the new weapons? Or what will happen with the upgrade obtained so far?


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Technically , yes . But to answer your first question , you will be able to fuse items into the new ones

Maybe. We will have to find out for clarification.

Yes from current situation our items will be there but they will lose their tier that is wont be mythical anymore but will be still useful for both gameplay and fusing but various new items will be available which will me much stronger than ours eg-say a particular new epic is better than our current myth.
Yes u kinda say yrs effort will be a lot lost

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thats sad im not a top world player but i´ve been here for 3 years

Yay. New broken items available mostly to people who waste money on power kits or to people with a ton of other items. How cool.
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I can’t imagine anything stronger than Metal Shredder or Devastation Swarm. Don’t tell me we can fuse some items into better myth versions than that.

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