Will BMMDEV ever reopen for new players?

It seems BMMDEV was only available to players that joined a long time ago, will there ever be a reopening for newer players?

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Not totally true

When i was helping with Floor pads test, there were a specific password needed to log into the BMMDEV site (not even the game, just the website), which was related to Floor pads what I’ll say is probably wrong since I don’t remember it, but it was something like FloorBuff2019, and after a few time the password was changed…

Which means it’s not availble to “old” players more specifically, it’s just that they are more likely to be chosen as “BMMDEV helpers” than newer comer ones


The night I whoop Liran over and over…

He shut that down lol


Are you guys allowed to disclose features you see if they’re still unannounced?

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but you can leave hints

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Plus, depending on what you’re testing you don’t have access to all upcoming features

Exemple: since Floor Pads were battle related only-, I had access to Arena only, not the workshop or the shop or the clan etc