Will be a new abdicate in recent times


will there be some new abdites since I was a bit tired of something important and good to put in a lot of new weapons and new torso and legs and to forget the new campaign


Abdicate verb

(of a monarch) to renounce one’s throne

  • fail to fulfill or undertake a duty or responsibility.

Maybe Elizabeth II? I’m not entirely sure though, she probably doesn’t have a long time left anyway.


You’re telling your eye what you are saying


I did not ask you that, but you could find something else to read


What :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question: :question:


I heard u have a long and hard physical gun that shot white things, can u test it with my mech? Please


keep it PG


What long gun can shoot white things lol


Why you ask? are you sure you want to know?




Sure i want to know what type of psyhical hard and long gun it is


I forgot the name, but i know that you have one



Some less long than others


Yes! that one!
but i dont know if he have it


Does the length of the thing matter how much range it has, cause some mechs are too far away for my friends short physical gun




I love the thing that the guns shots in my mouth