Will anything ever be done about the hacked accounts?


They just keep running around freely and the SM team seems like they wont do anything. Most of the top 10 - 20 players in ladder are using hacked accounts. I won’t say any names but there are top clans using these MULTIPLE hacked accounts. And by multiple i mean like half the clan, u know who im talking about. I mean its obvious who but I wont say anything…
Anyway. Theyre flooding ladder and theyre quite annoying. Of course it isnt fair for idiots like me who actually spend a lot of real money in this game, when u could just hack, have a better account than mine because i can only buy so much while they can add whatever they want, and of course not even get caught.
So the question is, will something ever be done? And if so what? Removing/banning them makes the most sense, but the SM team seems to be lenient towards some hackers/cheaters… so im wondering if anything will be ever be done. These accs have been around for weeks and theyre rather very easy to spot. I dont understand why nothing has been done.


If they get banned, couldn’t they just create a new account and hack that one?



Btw i hate this
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No. Since the cheat engines and glitches cant be exploited they wont be able to hack even if they make a new account.


Good. The less hackers, the better. Definitely less than the old days of Super Mechs, but still quite a few remain.