Why we can't exchange with other players?

Click to the player and we see the button make an exchange. After that putting from inventory items we want to exchange. he or she need to click ready and i need to click ready too after that you can’t put more items and put items back. After that you and he or she need to click exchange.:slight_smile:

Because most players have multiple accounts, it will just result in them transferring items between one another.


Never gonna happen ever ever ever
unless you create your own game and put in it the things you want which honestly is what it’s coming to these days.

I can see it now… One user can have a ton of accounts - all used for storage of inventory. Hahaha…

We were all worried about OP builds - i see this as a workaround for the inventory limit! :slight_smile:

But seriously, never gonna happen.

I have been proposing “gifting” before of low level commons for upgrade fuel, specially within clan. But with the item limit in play, I don’t think we’d want any more junk.


This is quiet a problem

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Long ago, I guess mid 2015, @Fluxeon told me that I could trade by going to the menu and enable it. I got really excited and went to look for the menu. 5 minutes later I got confused and asked him where was the menu, he responded with "On the screen :slight_smile: "

I went to look around the whole game and couldn’t find the trading button anywhere. Then I got pissed off and asked him “WHERE THE ■■■■ IS THE TRADING BUTTON???” He responded with “It’s in the menu on the screen :slight_smile: .” I raged for a while and @misfit told me it was a prank. I felt so stupid falling for Flux’s prank that day lol.


Lol I remember that. I laughed harder than I should. :laughing:

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This new update should have a “menu”. :slight_smile:

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You mean you laughed so hard you pissed yourself :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: