Why was the unicorn portal so loved?

Back when the unicorn portal happened, my mech was undeveloped and unable to beat the portal on hard or insane. However, I do see people often saying it was a great event in SM. What did it do that made it so awesome?

Nearly every item you got from those boxes are at least epic, and every box has a relatively high chance of containing a legendary item.

It’s like having a 100% fortune box drop rate (when a box drops that is) with only purple and orange lights.


I need a unicorn portal NOW!!!

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I couldn’t even finish it on normal back then so I couldn’t get the rewards…:frowning: but if there was another one I could probably do it now because my mech has become stronger


I started supermechs on the last day of the most recent unicorn… I didn’t know what it was and obviously I couldn’t beat it so yeah… You’re not the only one who doens’t see it’s majestic abilities