Why TS took away extra challanges (GodMode, invisible battles, etc.)


god mode
the invsible battle
and do as much damage as possdable
in the campaign


Because God Mode is now presenting as Brutality,that is a lot better that it’s Legacy counterpart.


I remember those old battles.

God Mode.

Invisible Mech challenge

That one factory looking mech thing that doesn’t shoot.


i think he meant the enemy God Mode


brutality mode.
2780 hp.


Do you mean the GOD MODE, a “special” campaign battle, and also the bonus you can get from how much damage you got from a dummy mech?


I would like the comeback of these, some players would say those are annoying like finish move


ment that stuff thats what i ment guys


yes that stuff why did they take it away


I remember those, I whish they put them back, those were good
wee need random challenges again! WHOSE WITH ME!


i am my dude they were fun


Would be realy amazing if those challenges return and there are chances of prem packs/boxes inside those challenges


that would be really amazing, if only tacticsoft hadn’t changed so much the game