Why this game punishes playrs for being better?

I usually farm Normal Big Boy, but today an idea came into my mind: What drops from the Nightmare mode? I take the challenge !
So I’ve completed Nightmare BigBoy 3 times, it was hard, I’ve spend some tokens on resurrection. And you know what? I’ve got NO BOX 3 TIMES IN ROW. Absolutely nothing. At the same day I’ve completed Normal BB like 5 times and there was box reward everytime.

The only reasonable way, and what usually exists in games unless they are developed by total (…) is:
If the player becomes better, he can defeat stronger opponents and he is taking higher risk of losing = he deserves better reward.

so my question is:
Is the person, who established such rewarding rules for this game a survivor of head injury ?

Thank you for reading my rant.


Just out of curiosity … do you remember how many coins you had when you played insane BB?

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There needs to be a sticky on this board explaining basic stats. Drops are random, but slightly better on hard and insane.

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Something happens to me … when I need coins, play BB (insane or hard mode) … when I need items, play Ramboy.

But if I have many coins the system gives me more boxes in BB, than when I have few. At least it happens to me.


That’s maybe what you want to believe. I’ve already told you in this topic, from my experience, that reward droprate from insane is worse than from normal. Have you read it carefully ?

I think the same if you’re going to break your head trying to beat a big boy in nightmare mode you would have to give 20 tokens and 100,000 plus a legendary with 2 epics that is what is called “you won my friend”

You’re basically saying “I flipped this quarter a bunch of times and I think I got around 50% heads, but I don’t know… but when I flipped this penny a few times I got 3/4 tails. Can’t argue that logic”.

Seriously, do 100 runs of each and make a comparison. The devs said the drop rate is slightly better on hard/insane.

ehem lets be rational on this point
farming system is still trash
if u grind BB is x gold
if u want items u kill ramboy 3 turns boss lvl low stamina and highter probabilities of get same items than on BB

Let me be rational but ramboy has more epic cup and has probalities of a legendary article although they say that only big boy gives legendary is a lie

Devs said many things but not all of them happened to be true.

I’m not the only one who got no box from insane BB many times in row and it’s quite common.

And if you want logic:
The box rate from normal BB is around 70%. Then you say on insane it’s slightly better ? So let’s say it’s 85%.

To get no box three times in row with 85% drop rate - the probability is 0,15^3 = 0,34%
I honestly doubt I was so unlucky.