Why tf did I go against a rank 1 when im rank 9?


It doesn’t make sense at all the guy had likem 2,000 health.


in chat? or just in the arena (in this case, i dunno)


did you be any chance get a invite to fight from that player before you started arena? that’s a new thing people do. an exploit to get easier opponents.


That’s lie, it’s literally impossible.

This guy just wants to appear on the forum.


Dunno about it, but last week I got El Metre as an opponent when I was Rank6 or 5, cannot really remember.


Make you sure game wont bring a player 10-ranks-down to fight you, the programmers aren’t that silly.


In fact as I said I was Rank6 or 5 so it’s not a 10 ranks difference.
Nonetheless I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to fight Rank2 or 1 when I’m that low.


Forgive, you don’t understand.


Then I suppose you will be kind enough to rephrase your sentence since english is not my native language and I may have misunderstood what you meant with your post above.


Perhaps it was during the level reset where all rank 1 players go to level 4. Metre was reduced to 4 and you were a five or six rank and he was on his way back up. That is most likely what happened. The rank 9 versus 1…, that most likely did NOT happen unless it was a battle invitation which is a meaningless test not factoring into ranking at all.


He was Rank2 yet; anyway I just wanted to point that out, no big deal: I lost as expected and that’s it :joy:
(It was a time of the day with very few players online btw, that’s probably why we met).


Actualy after thaf fight i went rank1.
Still bit of a big difference… and yeah there were 200 player online… and it was after a long waiting time. Hmm we should test that fishing strategy and make a video of it…


But apparently, the “fishing” is not new …

I still doubt how it works … to be effective, other player has to perform some action? Or achieved only if invitation?


Another thing…

I believe that the League works very much like it was before … that´s, you are rank 1 and ask for a battle, the system looks for an equal opponent, then if there is not, it goes to the next lower range and keeps going down until it finds someone

I have played with people really of very low rank, but after many minutes of waiting.

And it´s true that now it costs a lot more to get a battle in 2x2 or 3x3, but I don´t attribute it to league, but rather that the players take better care of themselves than before.

Look at this … “nobody” connected. this is not the fault of the famous league. This is because people take care of themselves and noy play. Once you reach the top you try to stay there, without risking it. Why? OP items? OP items killing the game?


With whom can I match if I ask for a pvp? The system what it does is to look more down … before league, it did the same thing, only before, we played more, we did not take so much care of ourselves.


I occasionally dress up in a suit easier and wind its trying to walk on the lower levels to see trends, news, tactics, style of play etc.