Why, tactisoft?

Hello fellows all over the world, I am writing these lines cause imo it’s a big injustice what is happening with supermechs, this great game transformed into a thirst of money…real money.

On 20th Aug. 2017 we were witnesses of this latest big upgrade, not my favorite at all if you ask me, in which old items (mythical items also) hasn’t any value and power in comparison with the new ones. Also rewards were lesser and lesser even for top players, players that maybe struggled many hours to build their more and more powerful mechs with or without paying any dime from their wallets.

Again, as for the items, game designers promised us “This is actually a MAJOR update in terms of the game balancing.” and “…deeper and more interesting gameplay for veteran players.” Now, I ask you guys, IS IT TRUE? I think not since I’ve seen in a video for example mythical Savior Resistance module while I got tons of those ones but just epic with no potential of upgrading. And also I’ve seen in PvP mode some weapons that I have never received since 20 Aug. even if I played campaign + PvP few hours daily since then.

Today instead, our dear game designers thought to make us another “surprise” as a bonus that servers lagged like crap during the weekend. What “surprise” you ask?!? Well, they thought that in campaign mission when beating BigBoy and receiving a box with two epic items (and sometimes a legendary one) was too much so they cut that in half and now instead of two epic items, we receive only ONE. Yup, u heard correctly, JUST ONE EPIC ITEM.

To write now about all our complains would take too long, I’d write a novel but after all we’re those who play this game so we should be those who enjoy playing but not like this!!!

Have a great day to you all and best regards!!!

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And you have not seen anything !!

As long as you have old myths to fuse, you’ll just have to collect coins and some little epics for fusion …

Can you imagine when your myths are over and you have to collect many gold to pay for fusion and others to buy hundreds of items ???


Oh but I saw that the very first moment…
Now, to upgrade a legendary to mythical u need around 50 epic items, maybe more. Not to mention 5 legendary items to make the fusion…

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