Why!? Seraph stupidity


The seraph blade is the epitome of cheapness. It takes 13 energy and it makes the claw move. Thats is the main issue, the claw cant move but it suddenly can when you swing a seraph. Makes zero sense.

I barely pulled this one out, but one of the two needs fixed. He swung forward on me from 2 range with a little energy and was still able to manage a drone shot. He finally ran out of pull attachments, but this has to stop. As it is now, the claw/seraph is op.


It’s just good use of sword, that’s how it works, and seraph have quite low energy cost but very high heat cost


Yes, i agree. When you have claw you can use the seraph/heronmark/brightroar/scalpel/redwall/


I really just think the claw shouldnt be able to jump forward while using it.


Anti-thread comment incoming…

Meaning if you drain the mech, he can’t use it because Seraph is energy-dependant…

Because you think a reactor in the back of the mech make more sense when it makes the Claw charge ?

First: same thing as BrightRoar or HeronMark…
Second: Seraph has exactly the same costs as HeronMark, it’s heat counterpart…while most if not all other physical counterpart have less costs in both categories…

Did you heard about the Claw nerf ?
Ya know, when the Claw decayed from its massive-powerhouse-stronghold status into immobile fortress with negligible damamge output from stomp ?
To me, using a Seraph without at least decent range one weapon on a Claw build is a little dumb (a little only, Seraph have good damage output overall…)

And for the last point of my walltext, I’ll quote back this part:

Because, of course

  • Dual Spartan
  • Bunker Shell+Valiant Sniper
  • Magma Blast+Vandal Rage+Murmur (not completly sure about it tho :smiley_cat:)
  • TP+Falcon/Flaming Scope/Lightning Scope
  • Dual Ash Creator
  • Crimson Rapture+TerrorBlade (not sure)
  • etc

Are not OP and mostly made of premium items…

Edit: Don’t tell me I just don’t want my Claw nerfed, because first, I don’t have one, and two, even if I had one, it would serve me as myth kibble, nothing more…


You forgot Sikanda, the heat F2P sword ^^

Just saying


Seraph isn’t OP.
Don’t blame it if your build can’t fight against it.
However,The Claw…Yeah,it is indeed kinda OP.

I have both and I can tell.

  1. When you have a Claw,you can use any weapon,just like when you don’t have one.
  2. Not everyone has a sword.
  3. The blade has to be paired with something else to be effective.


That’s called ‘‘playing with your build of choice’’.


Problem is not the Seraph but The Claw

The Claw is OP and outclasses all other legs by a country mile

25/30 of the Top 10 Mechs use a claw

All legs should be buffed by 100 HP to see some legs other than Claws


I wish if i had one…seraph.


I have one and I’m not using it, only for raid sometimes when hammer dmg isn’t enough


Make an phys mech then lol.


Lol, seraph dudes hating. Claw dudes hating. “Because claw was nerfed, we deserve this one thing” The claw nerfing helps seraph. Incase you butthurt babies didnt hear, i won. The claw shouldn’t move unless you use a utility item. End of story. This guy had a decent amout of hp and a decent amount of energy. You get 2 energy free pulls. Thats cool, i am building a seraph mech. I finally landed one. All the op phys guys cry when you suggest nerfing the strat. The ones that have high hp and boat loads of energy because they have a claw.

The claw has high hp and if it can still move (even with a weapon assist) it is op. The claw either moves or it doesnt under offensive power. It is that simple.


Money takes precedence over logic, get used to having Claw users shit on you

Seraph- LM
Claw - LM
Platinum Plating - LM
Mighty Protector - LM
Spartan Carnage - LM
Highest rarity obtainable in silver boxes? Epic.


First of all, I’m a Seraph + Claw user. Just getting that out there. That being said, have you tried countering this strat? It’s actually fairly easy. Try using:

Any 3-knockback hammer
Ash Creator

Or just use rolling beasts to move away. I can tell you that all of these options effectively counter the issue you’re having.

In conclusion: it’s not OP, it’s just an effective strategy. Adapt or die, just like always.


First, i won, the emp locked that in (barely), ash creator, unobtanium. I AM NOT BITCHING ABOUT LOSING! Knockback hammer i have been looking at. It doesnt fit my load out ATM. I have one i could easily myth.

My point is if your penalty for the claw and all its hp is that it doesnt move, why let a very low energy consumption high powered weapon move it? Nothing offensively should move the claw aside from utility weapons.


Here’s a description of its weaknesses, in detail:

It’s heavy(ish), can’t move and it’s stomp is crap. The best way to handle them is to strand them in a range that leaves them ineffective. Obviously, energy does this pretty well. Some people also forget to equip a range one knockback option, which face huggers with swords can exploit. Claw users are also easier to scope.

Edit: My previous post forgot to mention the 2-knockback legs. Those can help too.


I know all that. But obviously you can carry a ton of energy too. Had he had 100 more energy, I would have been minced meat.


The claw doesnt jump, is the ability of seraph that makes the mech jump one space…