Why quitting is perfectly fine the way it is

Quitting causes the quitter to lose a star and their reward, and depending on how long the match was, the opponent will lose some or all of their reward. This is fine because demolishing weak players isn’t something that should be rewarded. I for one would be fine with a weaker opponent quitting, as I don’t deserve a reward for lowering some unfortunate soul’s rank.

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When you do the daily pvp quest you’re going to get more gold and exp for the next 5 battles. When players quit you wont get the rewards and that’s very annoying :angry:

i stuck between rank 1 and rank 2 but my mech usally wins against a lot of rank 2 players… i loose around 30k gold every day because of the quitters

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About that you are wrong, because the strong players dont choose the weak ones !

It’s the matchmaking system to blame, wether the strong players nor the weak players.

I explained in an other thread why that will become worser and worser … hp gap, item gap, the strong ones will become stronger and stronger etc etc etc.

So the ones who complain about the non-given reward after the opponent quit first turn, do NOT complain about the quitting (!), they complain about not getting the reward for the win !