Why people don't play


Glorified game of “paper, rock, scissors” .



Not a:kising_heart:emoji



Thank you and agree … Expensive


Side note: hope you get some self satisfaction, my hardly earned advance in ladder melted after meeting you today.



Sorry boss . I still need 2 magma to field formidable heat mech .


Thats what they want you to think. You know, the magmaed illuminaties.


Does anyone have an idea of what the heck Wep said ? I need a translator .


Started with bad drops, then people not playing, then Metre jumped in signifiying that we were all arseholes, then it mentioned the raid. Thats when i got lost.
Some kind of illuminaty shet i believe. They are everywhere you know.

Nothing to worry about Mrolijoone77two



“Look Oliver” = “Look se77en”

(translation from Wepwawet language to forum language)



Isn’t funny.


The drop rates are not why I quit the game to be honest. I had the items I needed to get decent ranked.
After a year of playing, it wasn’t the drop rates. I was stuck at rank 8-7 for a long time, and the only build help that could be given was that I needed to max all my stuff out. Aka hours of boring grinding.

And tbh the last thing I want to do is grind for hours.


That’s what she said.

Sorry. I don’t know how to take an extract from your post and use it mine.

If you’re unsure, I was commenting on the comment about hours of grinding.


LOL :rofl:

Highlight and click Quote which should appear just above your highlight

It’s good to know we can tell a joke around here and people not get offended… sometimes


That my friend, is indeed what she said.

Special thanks to @cousin_joe for learning me real good.


And everything else no time to play in the arena: the constant changing - for the farm, for tickets, for a raid, for titan… Just changed clothes-on build and oooops - the new quest with another carrot.


I stayed without opening premium boxes for months for me to buy painters because I’m crazy i always open box premiun when it has a new item


But it’s true doesn’t it :wink:


Tokens are too damn expensiverand the lm drop rates are too low. I would spend more money going after something to upgrade my heat mech than it would cost me to buy a couple xbox games and a good bottle of scotch. I cannot justify spending that much money on a game, I just cant. And I accept that, as a f2p legacy player in the reloaded world, I will probably never reach rank 5 or higher. As it is, I have not been able to reach 10 more than once or twice. I used to buy. I probably spent a few hundred dollars in the legacy times. I did it to support the game I loved, and IT WAS WORTH IT! Mythical drop rates were good, and you had a good shot at getting what you needed with enough tokens. But now, it is just not worth it.


For instance, I had a legacy version of the top heat mechs of today, a god mode torso with 3 death punches, bully, and backstabber with a sector eye drone. It cost me 70 dollars and my normal grinding to get that. How much does it cost to get 3 magma blasts and whatever the new version of backstabber is? Oh, and the armor plates and resistance modules you cant get in e-m


One of those, fully equiped with all the correct mods and stuff would probably be tagged in the 1k$ area. Magmas dont even drop these days, so that is even optimistic.