Why must people be so paranoid?


For the 11th time I was called racist and they quit on me. Why oh why must they be so worried about it, hmm? Doubt anybof them were even black. Besides, I called myself that because I painted all my mechs black in legacy. Oh, and the simple answer to that that should be enough I believe: I AM BLACK YOU JACKASSES!


Sorry about spamming the forum with this, was just annoying me and I dont want to have to deal with it again.


Omg I didn’t even think about it as a mech that goes around destroying blacks. I thought, very little into it BTW, that you might be black and enjoy destroying things.


You’re so racist.


They’re *


They think your name means “destroying blacks”


Maybe if your name was spelled the other way around,as “BlackDestroyer”,people wouldn’t controverse like that.

Well,it’s their fault for not knowing how to read properly if they call you racist.