Why Mercy plus spartan is bad


Mercy is range 1-2. Spartan is range 3-6. with nightfall or seraph/back would be better


Thats not how the ranges work…


spartan is 3-6 dude
20 cheers


perfect combo being NF spartan and mercy.
Some funky dual spartan builds can also do


I preferred to use a mercy nightfall and a night eagle . Pretty good combo when I was running a physical.


Spartan and Mercy work well if you add Nightfall.


Explain your idea…


Still a decend build @Joeyjojojunior


Mercy has 1-2 range and 1 push. At 2 range, 1 push will push you to range 3, enabling you to use the Spartan Carnage.


@W.P.O.T.W It was anti energy had 2000 hp and like 400 energy . Was a good build


Actualy i think it still is a very good build as an anti energy(anti phis if you have myrh plates) build.


You are a good build


Well i am 1.93 and 100kg… i would say a bit chubby… but well build none the less.




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Is that you on the left?


Nightfall = Mejor daño mínimo
Spartan = Mejor rango y reducción resistencia
Mercy = Mejor daño máximo
< Ahora depende, 2 nightfall pueden garantizarte una win, siempre no te alejen fuera de rango, porque tienen un daño mínimo de 300 o más con la shop al 17%


NF + SC + Mercy.

Literally all you need is NF and that’s one of the deadliest phys builds right there.


oh, snap.