Why M3 should come back


More worlds has the possibility of spreading competition out more, however, we already found zero evidence that closing worlds will increase competition. In fact, we found we simply lost more players than gained more competition by closing worlds (i mean, it was like losing your home if that’s where you played).

However, I will say, some ideas like this have already been talked about and such.


i am waiting till all the supermech players see this post and come vote for it .

Great quote compilation

@Elcent should admin it <3

But I’d wait till he becomes good at managing a galaxy world before doing a .com one :stuck_out_tongue:


If we get Black Trajic vs White Trajic due to M3. It MUST happen



Close F3 and bring back M3.


■■■■ no, me and the great george himself have the last m3 hof victory and its my favorite thing to tell trajic. we cant mess with a good meme boys


It actually hurts my eyes to see that you won the last m3 :frowning: it needs to come back, I know man people want to challenge us there. It will bring life and competition back to BD :slight_smile:


Bring it back and close a Fantasy world. Mars is a smaller map than Fantasy and so it can lead to more early wars and action which Fantasy doesn’t make happen all the time. Even more so, reward players with blue tokens and/or resources if they engage in such wars on such a smaller map. On the threshold of becoming the most noncompetitive world at the time, it can said that Mars 3 was a chaotic world which only saw fights happen. If fighting is what you’re looking for, a competitive and fast Mars world is your right place.


M3 should be definitely brought back temporarily if not permanently.
Temporary because I’m sure due to the summers there will be surge in number of players.


Up :slight_smile:


I actually went and checked :expressionless:


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Up. @Alexander Stop being a dick.



lot of chats about why M3 should come back , lets talk about why M3 should stay dead

  • It had its glory days let it rest in peace
  • we cant fill E3 and F3 dont need M3 for more free tokens
  • server downtimes make 3 tickers problematic , no need for another
  • Make M1 a 3 ticker its same thing

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What about shutting down the fcking dead Fantasy? :slight_smile:

Bring down that thing called Galaxy too.


Actually favour of taking down F3, but galaxy, not yet.


i thought the discussion is about bringing(or not) a server back rather can closing the current ones down.


Idgaf about m3, e1, alt f4. Just here to do my weekly appearance. Cheers


SWAT misses M3 and the many great players that made it what it was. So as i read on about what makes a fun world to play on, i realize the most important thing is not how many ticks or size of map, it was the amount of actual ppl that played. When M3, my home world, was filled with colonies and 12 man teams and the list of individuals playing seemed endless, the paths each era could take were just as endless. Now its team A vs team B, one step away from playing with yourself, no pun intended.