Why M3 should come back


Yes, I know this has been asked for many ppl and there are few threads about it, but lets explain why it should come back.

By far E3 (E5 does not count as its solo) has been one of the most competitive world (sometimes noobs win 1 era while ppl get some rest). E2 and M2 not so much, its so so.

Playing last E1 and being on this E1 made me think how ppl are not playing 1 ticker or it barely has any comp anymore… and they’re all going for faster ticks (M1 is now an exception cuz of Theo’s plan to challenge someone to take Milan’s #1 Boat).

(Yes I can be wrong on what I said above, but thats my opinion, feel free to say whatever u want, help the community :slight_smile: )

So I wanted to ask our dear dead community and our sexy Dev to bring M3 back.

It’s smaller than E3.
It was famous by its awesome wars.
It’ll bring more income and activity to the game.
And I’ll finally get a chance to kill @trajic1 at his home.

Make @Malicewolf or any other active and dynamic admin If ever there is one that don’t be Josh lel to be in charge of it.

If there are no events coming (sorry for that, @leobratce says sorry too), lets at least do something different, try something different. Please :slight_smile:

So, should M3 comes back?

  • Yes.
  • Yes, lets try it and see how it works.
  • No, it already had its prime.

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Thanks in Advance,

Faction Destroyer
Black Trajic
The Cheater
M3’s King (soon)


M3 Team, Black trajic or White trajic?

‘M3’s king soon’ hahahaha what a joke.
Bring back m3 please, these other worlds don’t feel the same.

You may even see Black trajic vs White trajic. If m3 is released early enough.




Adding another world is just going to reduce competition overall. Perhaps if it replaces another world, but not if it’s just as an addition.


M1 for M3 maybe?
Or F2. It has Dead eras nowadays.


Or just scrap fantasy as a whole and replace with M3, fantasy has been broken for too long.


Isn’t trajic a noob?


m3 = 3 tikers = fast server = small map = red color = …etc

The thing that we surely know, is that Summer came ----> Holliday —> 3 Tiker is interesting.

So why i read that m3 will influence others servers? Grrr
and what dead eras do in this Topic. and what mean dead? how? why? eh got hedeach.

Plz dont argument a thing with unfounded argument. get ur self a time before move a finger.



If you’re trying to ask how adding another world will influence other servers, the answer is essentially the same idea as supply and demand. The more worlds available for people to win, the less demand there will be to win on those individual servers. Unless Mars 3 attracts new players, or old vets to comeback, in their hundreds, it won’t do anything to help the competitiveness of the game overall.


Sorry but its Off Topic.
About Supply & Demand… that cant be used here lol its not a banana…Only marketing can got place in this Discuss with a:

  • Opinion of ppl (Votes, survey…),
  • Time factor,
  • Space, Distance, appearance
  • Period

This is called a Specific … cause simply its a 3 Tikers. & there is currently only 1 server who got this = E3.
ppl can be interested by a Mars Map with 3 Tiker speed.


Why argue , When we all know it wont really happen.


There are two 3 tickers, E3 and F3.

Supply and demand is relevant in this situation because the more worlds there are the more stretched BattleDawn’s playerbase is going to be. If you add an M3 world, that’s going to soak up a couple of serious teams that would’ve played E3 or F3 or maybe a 2 ticker.

And then when summer is over and people have less free time it’s just another dead server.

We should be reducing the amount of worlds we have, not increasing them, otherwise you’re just going to hurt competition even more.

You can discuss with opinions all you like, but that won’t bring back popular ideas like the Championship Era, because at the end of the day developments to the game have to be in BattleDawn’s interest, and I don’t think adding another world to play on is in BD’s interest.

(Edit: but of course if M3 were to replace one or two other less popular worlds then I’d be all for it)


MAP Size…big difference.
Right now only god and interested ppl know about if Feasible.
F3…alright that exist… for not say other thing that can influence involuntarily
the memory.

I wuld hear something else; something magic.
anyway, Small map + fast Tiker —> Similar/Kinda Early Tic Limit at slow server … Maybe shuld go to the next step talk to the wise ear;


Tbh @Elcent can admin this. Right? :wink:

p.s. also I thought Michael was the lord of M3 hmm?


Yes it definitely needs to come back. it was a fun and fast era and i had lots of fun playing there!

M1 and M2 are boring, I would love M3 back.


Honestly, M3 was the best server, with the best wars. I’d rather have m3 than f3 tbh.


There should be a poll reply of just “no”


We need G5 and G6 please, thx


m3 is cancer pls dont bring it back


Yaa M3 should be brought back…

I too had a lot of fun eras on that world… And everyone surely will see a lot of wars going if M3 comes back


that’a what people like tho