Why it's possible!


That guy has more potential

(why am I copying cyanine??)

115, 150

Eh…Close enough


Those guys have more potential.

Takes 150 energy to fire 2 weapons and drone. Plus regen let’s me take down energy trolls, at least sometimes.

thoughts? void or hurlbat?

Void is better… but that won’t get you far.

Pushers and energies will mess you up. Try replacing a heat engine with a booster and use backstabber maybe.

Glad that I was the one that invented this build which ya like to remix so much.

Here is my go:

:joy: Sir.Killin! your build use energy more than you can regen at close/mid range :ok_hand:

– Energy consumption map –

Brightroar: 50
BigDaddy: 47
FaceShocker: 50

Energy needed per turn: 50 + 47 + 50 = 147

Subtract Rusty Energy armor’s regen:

Energy lost per turn: 147 - 96 = 51

1st turn: 312 - 51 = 261
2nd turn: 261 - 51 = 210
3rd turn: 210 - 51 = 159
4th turn: 159 - 51 = 108 ( Less than Energy Needed Per Turn )

Would need 4 turns straight using Brightroar + BigDaddy + FaceShocker to run out of energy, I doubt that’s gonna happen specially because FaceShocker would deactive, and BigDaddy run out of uses.

Meaning you will never have energy problems with this mech :)

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You invented that? Cool. First time using that because Ash Creator was too heavy.

Almost two months ago

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