Why it's possible!

:joy::ok_hand::joy: use energy free armor to build energy mech :joy:


yeah, but…you somehow crushed the original concept…

Plus I see a lot of heat generating weapons…
If the battle lasts a bit, you’ll need to cooldown often…

And that HP won’t save you from average/high energy cap Physical, since you don’t have Phys res

:joy: what about this one?

This is my current setup, and I can tell you (considering my experience with my mech above near rank 9-7) that your elemental stats are bad for ranks 7/6+

But the HP is there, with some res
I’m a bit skeptical with the weapon setup, but who knows, it could work


That’s just weak agains’t all types, keep in mind most electric mechs carries 800 energy

I remember that i was att your rank an year ago but now i am on R4…lol

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i know this is in the wrong topic but where is the mechs help topic?

how bout this?
@cyanine what is the link for that workshop unlimited?



think you’re better off making it a counter energy would drain that so fast not to mention you don’t have movement so it’s bad all round

The link of the updated workshop is in the workshop topic: ♦ - Workshop Unlimited 2.6.5

And in my profile:image

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Personally though, I think this one is better:

FS hook and tp

We build Energy-Free bois here sir

also why not this

I promise you the energy will not drain you, you’ll get overheated frequently anyways with 550 Heat Cap.

Because I need 150 regen minimum or I’ll run out during battle.



i dont trust that setup but it has potential


That guy has more potential