Why is this the way it is?


Bored approved.


Welcome to the real world…!!!

Before reload energy mechs was dead … so, after reload, energy has been favored.

During some periods it goes down a bit, then they nerf heat builds and energy goes up again.

A rounded energy needs heat modules and energy modules, so that most of the time there is no place for HP plates. Instead, you can build a free energy heat, so your HP can be higher. However, even with this advantage, energy is superior. If you face an energy of 3 bunkers to a heat of 3 magmas, energy has better possibilities.


Meanwhile phys players sit around with their builds made of cheese

Watching the other builds go at eachother


Buff tonto at fifth.


buff spartan, not enough dmg, i can barely kill a heat with it



buff frantic weapon minimum dmg by 1000%


Blame multi magma mechs