Why is this still here, Tacticsoft? Looks fishy


Are you planning to bring this back at some point??

Screen reveal. It was the only way to screenshot it

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, look at the very left.


For me, if I am finished using Split-Screen with YT and SM together, the SM screen is still in Portrait mode, but in the middle, but I left that glitch off because I don’t really care.

Then I inspect some players with their ranks, and see the “Achievements” tab is still there, but in the VERY top of the black space over the Portrait mode of SM, and I can tap it too, but it just makes the mech disappear. I personally think this is a legendary bug :ok_hand:

Note : I would screenshot it but, I don’t know how to screenshot in mobile, teach me perhaps?


Umm… I’m talking about the Token Miner.

And for apple, you have to hold Home button and press power button. or vice versa


I know that it’s the token miner you’re talking about, but I just wanna share that.

… Also I don’t use Apple, the only Apple product I can afford is Apple Juice™


How the heck did you do that

Copy paste I presume


Nope, I typed it by myself, my job has alot of other company names in some of our projects, and we type ™ manually, how to type it you ask? Do this :

“& trade;”, just remove the space between “&” and “trade”.


WinzKay ™

Woah, that’s cool.


Let me Try ™

Oh man…that really is cool


Well, I don’t have that…


No space & + trade + ;



:white_check_mark: best solution so far :white_check_mark:

problem imitator solved :white_check_mark:






… Why do ya’ll have to do this? :thinking:




Oooo a mac fan,nice mate.

Lol they want us to die.


Why do you have to spam ™ so much?



You lied to me.


This reply is official. Any copy pastes will be called a theft.


Try power button + bottom volume button or if on samsung power + home button


They probably just forgot to remove it.

Who cares anyhow?™ Not like it was done without your permission, or like they’d need that screen to do that.

You forgot the ; buddy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: