Why is there a character limit?


It’s pointless. Just look at my reply below. 4 characters only.






Because if you’ve less than that to add to a topic, perhaps you should consider liking something else instead.

Ultimately while its satisfying to just say something and woop, it makes topics a lot less readable :stuck_out_tongue:




something and woop


Lemme quote that for ya…


his point is what’s the point if you can just do <>


It’s not about the limit, or we could also just make it a rule and ban…

It’s about encouragement. If you absolutely insist on putting down one word, surely you have some reason for that.

However, if it takes more effort/knowledge to do that than to write a sentence… You know?

Its like a game. You dont have to make things impossible, you just have to discourage one thing and encourage another…


Oh yeah i see, it’s a deterrent because it takes longer to write…


Hey Erik, mind telling me how to do the <> thing?
I-It’s not like that I want to know or anything!! Onii-chan you baka!!!



Also just put the brackets on a separate line and spam text between them (must begin with a letter though)


Weirdest boner




sugoi zarakers-chan , baka.