Why is super mechs such a pay to win game?

to get most of the items in the game you can grind for a few weeks months or years but to upgrade it costs so much

not that much it costs not much to upgrade

you don’t get my point to make one mythical it costs about 69 something dollars

do not exaggerate image

I have a technique to obtain epic and legendary articles faster

It is very easy to update an article at level 50

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what if your not at lv 50 huh?!

At least I have items at level 50 and so I see your no or maybe if

let me think why oh i know i don’t spend hundreds of dollars :neutral_face:

Do not spend money on this game I do everything with a method that I have to make everything easier

my point is that most players in this game pay to get a edge that’s called pay to win which if you’re willing to spend money while others aren’t or don’t have it you can get ahead of them with out putting through the work to get to it :neutral_face:

i never payed yet in the game

It seems you’re the kind of person who does not have much luck in this game, right?

me because i dont pay and also i think my game hates me

you could say that the type of person whos just unluckly and your enemy has 7 hp left and you die and that’s end of that this game is luck based unless you use a heat mech which you can overheat your enemy and they can’t fight back and then they lose even though there mech was actually better which makes some quit some take a long break like me and some just take the defeat but im tired of loseing to heat mechs cause my mech is a physical mech and allways has been and really doesn’t have good heat cooling which leads to shutdowns which leads to rage which leads to quiting you get the point :neutral_face:

If you want I tell you a way to succeed without spending money .-.

and what might that be oh let me guess grinding for days with out stoping? or something else

a phy mech has to all ways have good heat and cooling

yah thats kind of what i did

my mech weighs to much to have good cooling and heat

Do not

Can you show an image of your mech?