Why is one energy weapon _so much_ better than all the rest?

Balance Energy Weapons. Why is Valiant Sniper SO MUCH better than all other energy weapons? 31 energy cost for 189 energy damage? This double the energy damage of most energy weapons. This alone is phenomenal. Add in good overall potential damage, wide range, -13 Regen and -17 resistance.

Why not bring the other energy weapons up a little and this one down a little? Or increase it’s weight, restrict it’s range a little to 5-8, make it 1-use, something.

The only real comparison is Ash Creator, this also does 180 Energy damage, and a large damage to max energy -48. And 3 uses. Though at least it has a high cost of 93 energy.

People complain Energy is OP and many energy complain it is under-powered… the reason is basically the above two weapons. They’re so much stronger than the rest of the arsenal, they’re all upsides without the downside (we can carry so many weapons now that the uses don’t restrict you that much).


True 20 palabras adicionales XD!

They are very rare weapons. You would have to spend a couple thousand on tokens or play six years to get them. Or be very lucky. I still want them for my energy mech. You either need absurd dedication to the game or very deep pockets to get them.

I am not saying it is right, but it is how it is

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Costs 20 energy, but can take 130 or so? You’re right. But it’s extremely rare, so that’s why. (tbh I think it’s another imbalance)

Yall br talking about energy but look at physical mechs. They wipe yout ass in less thatn 6-8 turns ._.

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Ash Creator and Bunker Shell are equally strong. But yes, most other energy weapons are ridiculously weak by comparison.

@TechnoDive - Physicals are currently the weakest class of mechs. Look at LastOfTheWilds’ and GoAstros!'s mechs.

i watch risings replays and he has 2 or more

Physical > heat > energy

i miss nightfall max damage at 404. It would be a bit balanced with this stat, against energy


no , shut up

scared, huh? ççççç°§

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Yes i am , you just want more k/d ratio

which we all want. I think everything is ballanced atm

There is one thing that is obvious, since the beginning of this update was given more power to the energy mechs. But not to all energy mechs, only to those who carry OP items. Put another way … “spend a lot of money and build an energy”. There are many meta-messages in this sense … it´s not by chance the weapon that thrown the turkey was energy … it´s no casual that in google the image of game is an energy mech …

You can never beat a guy who has 2 or 3 energy death punch on his mech or any of those weapons that in a single shot take almost 200 energy. You could build a heat that does not need energy to work and it would still be very difficult for you to face a well fused OP energy.

But all this is cyclical, unless the mechanics of the game have changed a lot. When all the people have spent a lot of money to get good energy items … zas! improve phys or heats and energy plummet. Then you have to start buying again.

Of course, it will be difficult for people who have always played with energys and don´t know how to play with anything else, in the same way that now it´s complicated for me, that I always played with phys or heats, and the energy to me is “alien”…

But this is how this game has always worked.

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If energy is so op why don’t I win every match? Anyone with a couple of weapons 395 energy and hi hp can beat energy. Every medium has an OP weapon. I agree sniper is a bit unbalanced but maybe just build a balanced mech. That seems to have been a lost art form. There is too much whining here . I lose to Hamza every match. I don’t run here crying about phys being op. I could add more hp but then I would lose to other energy. Just build a better mech. Keep sniper out of range. Use a better fighting strategy. Grim cobra nightfall desert snake try a pull weapon.


Its simple… there always has to be an OP weapon so players would say the game is unbalanced. So next time when they introduce another OP weapon they can say: we introduced this to make the game more balanced…to compensate the previous OP item with another OP item. This will goes on and on until the first generation of items will be useless again. Like the first mythicals in the previous era.


Of course … you solve many problems if you carry myth resistance and myth HP plates. With mythical HP plates, you can place 2 or 3 power modules in your phys … not to mention the upgrade …

Even so, I would face Hamza’s phys mech with the Rising´s energy, the one with 3 energy death punch, sniper and lava and you will tell me …

Rising is the extreme example of an OP energy, only Astros could beat him when he placed the same OP items on his mech.

It´s what it says at the beginning of this message, that an OP energy is almost unbeatable, but an energy like yours, medium OP, common medium, can be weaker.

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Energy can be beaten by heat. 3 Magma Blast + Devastation(?) on the back + 2100 or more HP and no drain. It’s still relatively close though. Physical has no chance vs that though.

Energy can be beaten with a bank account

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cough cough


Agree but remember it had only 2 uses and also its a long range weapon that doesnt deal too much HP dmg if u have enought energy
also this game always preffered energy, since battlemechs the idea of leaving ur enemy without energy was fantastic, also overheating ur enemy was the 2nd best thing, then physical was lefted to scare with huge dmg but it seems like its forgotten on this update

also i think greedy (physical drone) should be no cost to give physicals a better help on field, also physicals need a 1 shot huge dmg dealer weapon free energy to get balanced with bunker shell & magma blast

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