Why is it slow if you mine some tokens

Heya. It’s ya boi…soo i’ve been doing a litle research.And i’ve find out that that thing is familiar to HAX.Yes it is slow becuse it’s just like hax…like it need’s pogress about working it.How do i know this?I saw alot of youtuber’s trying to scam or trolling them by using these…pogram’s…Yeh that’s all. Yet again idk why do i created this but i hope that everyone will understand why is it slow.Cya today.

because it use your computer’s powers

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Like i said. It’s almost like hax.Hax need’s to use pc’s power to work…

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Today my laptop almost hot as it can exploded because of mine tokens…

What kind of laptop do you even have?Jesus…

I likes it can use your body power…

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macbook air

Is it old?Cus if mac’s are not suposted to be weak.

no I bought it last year

Crap.Then all laptop’s are not that strong much…

No pls my pc is mine. You can’t have it.

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This is why I specified the type of system tacticsoft needs to use for mining any type of crypto.

But since they want to abuse their community and not be liable. They’re willing to risk your shit for profit.

Question for you @Transcendant
Have you got your pc or laptop broken becuse of mining?

No, because I’m not stupid to mine for a company that’s been fucking it’s community since day one.


So like…You don’t have strong pc?

Guys, whatever PCs, laptops, macs aren’t meant for mining… FYI
On the go, they will suffer from over-usage of CPUs and GPUs. Just google these things, i’d advise to not mine…


I think you still haven’t an idea of what cryptocurrency mining actually means…

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Shhh let them google it :))))))

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They’d be shocked…

All apart of the plan my friend.

People are way too enticed by those “free” tokens, that they don’t realize how terrible the effort to payout ratio is. Even with a good system (news flash good desktops aren’t what help with crypto mining). (for OP).