Why I'm quitting this game

After 4 years of playing this game, I have sadly decided to quit. Here are my reasons:

Recent Updates

The recent updates of the game have completely ruined it for me. It used to be fun having to collect your items and buy them to build up, and I actually used to have decent wealth (5.1M Coins, reduced to 400k gold). But the fact that the developers have removed the item shop, stripped my mechs of their colours and killed off every enjoyable aspect of the game, I will be quitting the game.

Thank you for all the memories and enjoyable moments throughout 4 years of playing. I will never forget this awesome community AND its awesome legacy. Seriously, you rock!

-Destiny, The Veteran Mech


I would not say that there was a balance earlier, and that it generally exists. But earlier I could create an account in 4 hours and get 1 rank. I believe that this update made game more interesting and addictive. Attitude of developers to old players is another story.


i totaly disagree with ya bud


I realize in old sm we had same kind of mech build. N why in old sm there was so many give away account you see in youtube it was easy. Just stay at level 3 for few days collect tokens from ads with vpn :grinning:. Mix box price cost 1500 at lvl 3. Stay at lvl 3 buy sm coin 100T×2000=200k
Some time you get 6 myth in just 200k at lvl 3 mix box cost 1500fix

I notify this to admin but no action were taken.

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you can pick up sm in campaign and portal 1 time a week and game are not finished they will improve finally I hope, go courage

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I respect everyone’s decisions. But if you are not 100% decided, I would wait a little longer, maybe something good will happen.


We all know your pain :expressionless:

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