Why i think sm is better than 99.999% of mobile games

first its not p2w ive got 5 good myths in my first 4 months of playing 2nd its feels rewarding to get a new weapon and the drop rates can be bad but when there good THERE AWESOME 3rd i love the act where you make your own mech to your play style. i just want to look at the positive aspects of sm instead of complaining like bowser jr from sml. there are plenty of p2w games that dont give you anything for playing the game like a champ if you git gud at sm trust me you will get good stuff in time. EDIT i think some people hate sm for STUPID reasons like OMG I DIDNT GET TO RANK 4-1 IN 2WEEKS WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH in order to get to the top you have to git gud and grind while browsing the web i did this all the time edit2 its a war in the comments with people telling me that you will see how bad this games is. HAVE YOU PLAYED FORKNIFE


I agree this game gives you a decently fair chance of progressing even if you don’t pay a cent. Could be better, like getting rid of the ridiculous arbitrary energy system.


finally a person who dosn’t complain about every little issue in sm.

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Though droprates are hot garbage, and there should be more options for free tokens or lower token costs for items

Yet they don’t fukin annoy you on youtube vids while youtubers do the EUGH REID SHUDOW LEGUNDS thing.

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Basically, you have to do more things to get to MAX than in most non-idle games (and maybe in a few idle games too), while you get the prices for a classic non-idle game (the price in idle games is usually lower per unit, since you need more units to reach the MAX/top)

I dunno if what I said was clear

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Agreed, R:SL is the most ambitious annoying script reading marketing strategy of 2019

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Lol no



After seeing this post, the dead hope that I had for this game lit up. Hopefully I’ll feel as positive as you

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SM isn’t by far the best game, but it isn’t the worst, either.


thats what i was saying also its in my top 25 games to play

it would take 4 years to get a high rank as a f2p player, as opposed to 4 weeks before the big update

I’m rank 2-3, playing on and off for 1.5 years as a f2p. That’s not true.

partly depends on your luck

I have no plat plate or resistance. Besides the lvl 200 pp, which hasn’t changed by rank. I obviously have some good weapons, but you have to build smart.

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well you need a fucktonne of rare shit to be able to do that, so yes it depends on luck

it depends on luck, builds,playstyle,and skill

+0.001% now :wink:

Why is everyone here so f*ckin negative

Be happey mehn, enjoy SM’s campaign

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just wanted to shed some light on this awesome game

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A few more items, a bit more flexibility, a bit more player reliant mechanisms, a bit more movement, a bit more hp buffering

and this game becomes a FPS